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Media orientation 2022

Uncover the purchasing behaviors among painters in 2023. Understand the factors driving their choices and how they relate to product and brand preferences.



No. of pages


Target group

Painters from companies that indicate spending more than 10% of their working time on painting

Key research topics

Media orientation among painters


11-country report: Based on 1.905 successful quantitative telephone interviews in the native languages
10-country report: Based on 1.753 successful quantitative telephone interviews in the native languages
8-country report: Based on 1.453 successful quantitative telephone interviews in the native languages

Country scope

11-country report: The UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic
10-country report: The UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Denmark
8-country report: The UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Poland


Full report in pdf or ppt covering all 11, 10 or 8 countries, support from a key account manager in case of questions

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10,815 Euro

What is this report?

This report offers a comprehensive overview of media orientation, with a specific focus on European painters. Within the report, you will discover not only painters' media preferences but also how they consume media, which social media platforms they use the most, and their perspectives on sustainability. Also, in the report, you will find brand funnels and information on the most preferred brands among painters in different categories. This information can assist you in refining, enhancing, or developing your marketing and business strategies targeting painters. Our research is based on quantitative telephone interviews with painters from companies that indicate spending more than 10% of their working time on painting. You have multiple report options: an 11-country report based on 1,905 successful quantitative telephone interviews in native languages, a 10-country report based on 1,753 interviews, and an 8-country report based on 1,453 interviews in native languages.

Why do you need this report?

This report is crucial for understanding the painters’ attitudes toward media channels, including traditional and digital media. It also sets brand funnels and examines which brands are the most preferable among professional painters in different categories. By understanding how painters consume media, stakeholders in the paint industry can adapt their strategies to meet the evolving needs of professional painters. This report will provide key insights into painters and their professional behaviour and will be most beneficial to marketing and communication departments, sales departments, and product development teams. These insights will be particularly valuable for manufacturers and wholesalers targeting this group, and with this information, they can optimize their marketing and business strategies. Furthermore, understanding painters’ behaviour and preferences will facilitate fact-based internal discussions without the need for custom research.

How was the research conducted?

This report is based on successful quantitative telephone interviews with painters conducted in their native language. The number of interviews depends on the number of countries investigated in the report. There are three research options available: the 11-country report is based on 1,905 interviews, the 10-country report is based on 1,753 interviews, and the 8-country report is based on 1,453 successful interviews. The report is built upon a representative sample of painters from companies that indicate spending more than 10% of their working time on painting. On average, interviewed companies spend 79% of their time on painting. This research is conducted annually, with the reports covering various key marketing topics.

What is included in this report?

The primary objective of this research is to provide valuable insights into trends in media orientation among painters. The report explores painters’ attitudes toward brands, and media, including their preferences for different types of media and their usage of social media for professional purposes. Additionally, it investigates painters’ stance on sustainability and whether their customers are inclined to choose sustainable products for their projects. The report also includes a comprehensive profile of painters and offers insights into painter companies in Europe, including their pain points. If your target audience includes painters, this report can assist you in developing a more precise strategy and refining your approach to this group.

Key questions answered

What is the average age of European painters?

What types of painting companies, by size, are most common in Europe?

Do professional painters use mobile apps?

What is the best way to inform professional painters?

Which types of media do professional painters consume the most?

Which one of these media do they find the most useful?

Which social media platforms are favourites among professional painters?

Are professional painters eager to purchase their tools and products online?

Is sustainability an important factor when professional painters choose paint?

Are painters’ customers interested in sustainable products?

Table of content

  1. Management summary
  2. Profile of the painter 
  3. Media Orientation 
  4. Sustainability 
  5. Product usage and online buying behaviour 
  6. Brand funnels: 
    1. Sealants 
    2. Brushes and rollers 
    3. Exterior wall paints 
    4. Interior wall paints 
    5. Lacquers/wood care
    6. Sanding machines 
    7. Tapes 
    8. Wall fillers

Frequently asked questions

  1. Which digital channels do European painters find the most useful?

Among digital sources, painters generally find search engines and manufacturers’ websites to be the most useful. Specifically, 37% of painters consider search engines like Google or Bing to be the most useful, while 23% hold the same opinion about manufacturers’ websites.

  1. Which social media platforms do European painters use the most?

Facebook is predominantly used by professional painters in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK, Italy, and the Czech Republic. YouTube is the preferred choice among professional painters in Poland, Spain, and France, while Instagram is primarily used in Denmark and Germany.

  1. Do painters prefer traditional or digital channels when searching for information?

Painters in the UK are most digitally oriented when searching for professional information, whereas painters in Italy are more traditional​.

  1. How do professional painters prefer to receive information?

Most painters prefer to be informed via email newsletters; 44% of them favour email communication, while 16% prefer to communicate with a sales representative.

  1. Is the sustainability factor important to professional painters when buying wall paint?

Indeed, the sustainability of a paint product is a crucial consideration for the majority of European painters, with 66% expressing agreement on its importance.

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