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One of the key focus segments of USP Marketing Consultancy is the installation industry. In order to conduct proper market research in this segment, you need to have market knowledge. This is where USP has its unique selling point. For more than three decades, we have been the go-to specialized market research agency for the installation industry, assisting our clients with dedicated, tailor-made market research and off-the-shelf reports.

Market expertise

Over 30 years of market experience conducting market research in the installation industry.

Insights driven

With our market knowledge, we are able to transform data into insights and advice.

Worldwide coverage

We can conduct market research in the installation industry worldwide, targeting any stakeholder in any type of segment, B2B or B2C, via qualitative or quantitative research.

Track record

USP has a proven 30-year track record of conducting market research in the installation industry. We supply off-the-shelf, ready-made reports and dedicated, tailor-made market research.

Clients we have worked for

What our clients say about us

Armin Dipping

Senior Manager strategic and international Marketing at Gira

With the Electrical installation monitor reports we receive from USP we get an overview and first insights on behaviour, relevant topics and trends in the electrical installation industry.

Céline Pineau

Consumer insight researcher at Hager

USP is professional, responsive, didactic, and voluntary. It was easy to exchange my thoughts with them.

dr. Christian Heine

CEO, Rothenberger AG

The European Mechanical Installation Monitor gives us great insights and these insights support our strategic decisions.

Gordana Faust

Market Intelligence Specialist, Rothenberger

The cooperation was perfect in every way, the project managers from USP have a lot of knowledge and are very reliable.

Hardy Jaeschke

Senior Manager Market Research, Market Intelligence / Vaillant Group

The USP reports help us better understand different B2B target groups, better assess their business situations and enrich our range of knowledge enormously.

Johan Gijsman

Group Director Marketing, Walraven Holding

We have been using the mechanical installation monitor issued by USP for many years for the planning of our strategic initiatives.

Renato Di Rubbo

Head of global Marketing Piping systems at Geberit

We value USP for the highly competent consulting, the pragmatic and uncomplicated process, and the high quality of its inputs.

Suzanna Lammerts van Bueren

Director Business Development Northern Europe at Somfy

USP thinks along and were able to, besides delivering the insights, brainstorm about the business opportunities.


The installation industry is a very broad segment, with many stakeholders and trends impacting the business value chain. With our decades-long market research activities in this segment, we have gained profound market knowledge that we use to the benefit of our clients. We are able to conduct market research in this challenging segment world-wide, B2B and B2C, using qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. Whether it’s through our extensive portfolio of ready-made, off-the-shelf reports or through dedicated and tailor-made market research, our aim is to help you achieve your business objectives through solid, data-driven insights and advice.

  1. Are you able to conduct market research in Asia or the America’s?

Yes, USP has the capabilities and experience to conduct market research projects in the America’s, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia.

  1. How do you ensure that strategic information doesn’t leak into the market?

Our integrity and trustworthiness are our biggest assets. USP will always ensure that any sensitive information you share with us will not be made public.

  1. Can you target a specific target group like panel builders?

Yes, USP can target any stakeholder in the installation business value chain. Not only panel builders, but also electrical and HVAC installers, engineering companies, end-users, municipalities, energy companies, and many more. Your business objective will dictate who we interview and how.

  1. Can USP facilitate focus groups amongst installers?

Yes, within the business value chain of the installation industry, we can target any relevant stakeholder. USP has extensive expertise in conducting both quantitative and qualitative (including focus groups) research worldwide.

  1. Can USP conduct a customer satisfaction research amongst engineering companies?

Yes, USP can conduct any type of market research, including but not limited to customer satisfaction studies, amongst any stakeholder active in the installation industry.



HVAC and Plumbing

Electrical installation

Sewer and waste water

HVAC and Plumbing

HVAC and plumbing have always been vital parts of the installation market. Heating and cooling our houses and ensuring clean water to drink or wash ourselves are all examples of the vital role this segment plays. Especially with the increased attention towards sustainability and the energy transition. But these are not the only trends impacting and shaping this market. For over 30 years, we have assisted manufacturers and wholesalers alike to better understand and serve the market.

Electrical installation

Electrification plays a vital role when it comes to the energy transition and the push towards more sustainability. The electrical side of the installation segment has always played a vital role in making our buildings more energy efficient and will continue to be important for the foreseeable future. But besides the energy transition and sustainability, there are many trends shaping the future of this industry. Digitalization, prefabrication, and changes in buying behavior are just some examples. For over 30 years, we have assisted manufacturers and wholesalers alike to better understand trends, their positions, and possible ways to improve their businesses.

Sewer and waste water

Sometimes what you don’t see is as important as the things you do. In the installation market, sewer and waste water are very important subsectors, enabling us to live and work in clean and dry environments. USP has extensive experience conducting a wide range of research in this segment worldwide, both above and below the ground.

Who benefits?

Marketing director

Product development manager

Marketing communications manager

I need more insights on our brand performance and market position in order to roll out our marketing and sales strategy for the upcoming years.

USP can conduct branding research to establish your brand awareness, usage, and preferences. Furthermore, we can identify key brand associations, how you are positioned compared to your competitors, and what brand elements are of the utmost importance. We will not just deliver the data but also transform it into insights and advice based on our three decades of experience in this field.

I need to test my prototype product before moving it into production. I need the insights to ensure that the product we will start producing has all the right product features and reassure my internal stakeholders that the product fits the market demand.

USP has assisted many manufacturers in their product development journey, from first concepts to prototypes and final production-ready models. We can assist with quantitative research or qualitative research, including hands-on product tests and reviews by installation professionals. We can provide insights and place them into a broader perspective due to our decades-long experience in this field.

I need input to maximise and optimise our marketing communication strategy for the upcoming years and I need hard data and facts.

USP is well versed in conducting orientation studies among all relevant stakeholders in the installation industry. What do they read, how important is social media for professional purposes, and should you still invest in printed documentation? Moreover, how do all of the orientation sources rank and what type of information they use now and in the future? Because of our decades-long experience in the installation industry, we can provide insights and advice.


How can we help you?

Customer satisfaction

How content and pleased are your customers with a product, service, or overall experience, reflecting their perception of its quality and meeting their expectations? And how does this compare to your competitors?


How do your customers and potential customers view your brand’s image, reputation, and attributes? To what degree do they know, work with, prescribe, and prefer your brand? And how do you stack up against your competitors?

Customer Journey

What is the path a customer takes when interacting with a brand? We can map out all of the relevant touchpoints for your customers or customers of competitive brands, including but not limited to the orientation, purchase, and after-sales phases. What are the key pain points and moments of truth to capitalize on?

Product development

Whether it’s a concept, prototype, or production-ready product, USP can assist in getting feedback from your key users on the product's features, ease of use, and overall level of interest. This can include live, hands-on product tests but also a validation of key product features and elements amongst a larger sample size of stakeholders in the installation business value chain.

Market exploration

Gain insight on new market segments or geographies in the installation business value chain by thoroughly researching and analyzing a specific market to gain insights into its size, trends, competitors, and potential opportunities, helping businesses make informed decisions and strategies for market entry or expansion.


Systematic investigation into determining the optimal pricing strategy for a product or service, which involves analyzing market dynamics, customer preferences, and cost structures to set prices that maximize profitability and competitiveness in the installation business value chain.


Dividing markets, segments, and target groups in the installation business value chain into distinct groups based on shared characteristics, such as demographics, behaviors, needs, or preferences, helps tailor marketing strategies and offerings more effectively to each specific segment's requirements and preferences.

Market size

Establish the total value or volume of a specific market, segment, or product range in the installation business value chain, including future developments in the market size.

Driver analysis

Driver analysis can provide insights into the relevance and most important drivers for key stakeholders in the installation business value chain. Our customers often use this information to develop new products and services.


Sustainability Q1 2024

2024 81 pages

Delve into sustainability trends in the home improvement sector in Q1 2024. Discover consumer preferences and the shift towards eco-friendly home improvement solutions.


BIM Q1 2024

2024 84 pages


Trends in material usage Q1 2024

2024 102 pages

Explore the evolving trends in material usage among European architects in Q1 2024. Delve into the factors driving material preferences and the impact on construction aesthetics and sustainability.


  1. What target groups in the installation business value chain can USP target?

We can target any target group in the installation industry, ranging from HVAC installers, electrical installers, and engineers to end-users and building owners.

  1. Which countries or regions can USP cover?

USP can conduct market research in America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

  1. What types of researches can USP conduct in the installation industry?

USP offers a select set of off-the-shelf market reports, covering key topics and target groups in the installation business value chain. Furthermore, USP offers dedicated, tailor-made market research. Within the installation industry, USP can target any country and stakeholders for a wide variety of research topics like branding, market sizing, new product development, market explorations, and many more.

  1. What is the added value of working with USP?

We are leading industry experts in the installation industry. We have decades of experience conducting market research in this industry, supplying major manufacturers, distributors, and investors with insights and advice to build on.

  1. Can USP conduct focus groups?

Yes, within the business value chain of the installation industry, we can target any relevant stakeholder. USP has extensive expertise in conducting both quantitative and qualitative (including focus groups) research worldwide.