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The main goal of Construction Monitor is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the European contractor – who they are, what they do, and how they behave – as well as the latest trends in the construction market. We cover all important construction elements, including facade, insulation, roofing, interior (ceiling, floors & walls), raw building materials (concrete, wood and steel) and elevators/escalators / automatic doors.

Available reports

Reports are published biyearly covering various key trends and are available below:

H1 2023

Sustainability & Circularity

With the large scale energy transition that awaits us and stricter rules and regulations for the industry, sustainability and circularity will become a vital business development area. This is why USP Marketing Consultancy regularly tracks and monitors this trend from the key stakeholders in the industry (like architects, installers etc).


H2 2022

Digitalisation and BIM

With this edition of the Construction Monitor report, you’ll gain valuable insights into the state of digitalization and BIM in the construction industry. This information can help you to identify opportunities and challenges and to develop strategies to stay competitive in a rapidly changing market.


H1 2022

Prefab usage amongst European contractors

The full report covers many topics revolving around prefabrication like the types of prefab used, the type of materials, the type of projects, decision making and much more. This report is based on 900 successful telephone interviews with larger contractors in 8 countries.


H2 2021

Media orientation

To get a picture of the economic situation in the construction market among contractors on a European scale and to get insights on the type of media channels that are being used, and for what purpose by the contractors. This research is done bi-annually, with registered contractors divided over the 8 major European markets.


H1 2021

Purchase Channels

In this report of the European contractor’s monitor, we investigated the buying behaviour (channel usage, SOW per channel, way of ordering etc) of European contractors in 8 countries and the impact of the corona crisis on their behaviour. This report is closely monitoring various stakeholders in the construction industry on a regular basis, to follow key trends and to investigate the impact the corona crisis had/has. 

H2 2020

The role of contractors in the construction decision-making unit

The construction market is a complex market with an even more complex decision-making process. Unlike fast-moving consumer goods, in the construction industry, many actors are involved in the decision-making for materials and brands at any given time. 

The Changing Face of the Construction Industry: Why Monitoring Contractors is Key

  • ‘Build smarter, faster and cheaper’ is one of the phrases often used in the construction industry
  • Builders are moving up the value chain. The influence of the main contractor is increasing rapidly in the construction industry
  • The way of working is changing, partly due to contract forms such as Design, Build & Maintenance (DBM)
  • When contractors become responsible for the long-term maintenance of a home, they naturally want to be included in the decisions about materials and design. At the same time, the digitisation of the construction process is increasing and BIM is here to stay.

The Contractor’s Growing Influence: Why Monitoring is Critical

As contractors take on more responsibility in the construction process, their influence is growing. This makes it critical to monitor their decisions and actions to ensure they align with the overall goals and objectives of the project. Failure to do so could result in costly mistakes and delays.


  • 8 European countries
  • 100-125 telephone interviews per half year per country among mid-size (5-15 employees) and large (more than 15 employees) contractors
  • Annually, 1500+ successful telephone interview

Research content

  • The Contractor Monitor report is published twice a year and provides insight into contractors in eight European countries.
  • Both small and large contractors are interviewed for this purpose.
  • Aside from recording their order portfolio, we interview contractors about the nature of the work.
  • In addition to these insights, each report also examines a specific theme.
  • Besides this multi-client survey, we regularly conduct tailor-made market research among contractors.

€ 6,300 Single report 8 countries / € 10,500 Annual subscription

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Contractor Monitor

In the last couple of years, the orientation behaviour of European contractors already became more multi-channel with online sources increasing strongly. Also, personal contact remained very important, since the construction sector is a very traditional one. European Contractor Monitor aims to assist building material suppliers with their strategic decision-making by profiling the main contractor and providing input on the
key developments in the European construction sector. 

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