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Building information modelling (BIM) is gaining importance in the construction and installation industry, and is one of the most profound examples of the digitalisation trend changing the construction process. Although digitalisation is a key driver for change in most markets, the construction and installation industry is generally lagging behind a bit when it comes to digitalisation. The hands-on mentality and the complex business value chain are important reasons for the slow adoption of digital solutions and working digitally. However, in the last decade, the construction and installation sector is making considerable digital progress.

How does BIM already impact the industry?

USP has been investigating the topic of digitalisation in the construction and installation market for over two decades via dedicated research projects for sector organisations, manufacturers, and merchants. Among other things, we researched the changing information consumption, the rise of e-commerce, and the increasing awareness and usage of BIM.

The impact of digitalisation in the construction and installation industry on manufacturers is enormous:

  • Changed information consumption impacts marketing communication strategies.
  • New routes to market require an omni-channel sales approach.
  • Different and new digital services are required by customers.

    What is next?

    Digitalisation and BIM will further expand and become a standard in the construction industry. All stakeholders of a project will use BIM as a common data environment, from financial and construction planning to execution and maintenance.

    With the usage of BIM, the data from construction projects can be gathered and analysed in a structured way to identify inefficiencies in the process and to accurately predict financial and resource needs. We believe that companies in construction and installation will need to focus on building up and leveraging digital processes rather than just looking for another way to cut costs, in order to be successful in the coming decade.

    Digitalisation might be the most important driver of change in the industry. Soon, contractors and installers will prefer to only work with manufacturers who allow and facilitate seamless digital work processes. Moreover, contractors and installers will search for a manufacturer:

    • Who delivers the right BIM information & tools for their platform.
    • Who offers a seamless order process.
    • Who is accessible via various digital platforms.

    How does USP help their customers with BIM topics?

    With the topic labour shortage in mind, we help our customers with studies among architects, contractors, HVAC installers, engineers, electrical installers and many more of our construction-related target groups. By regularly speaking to the target groups about the topic of building information modelling and digitalisation, we gained a lot of knowledge on this key trend.

    Some examples of studies that we did regarding BIM:

    1. Thought leadership research
    2. Customer journey research
    3. BIM research
    4. E-commerce research
    5. Service tools ideation
    6. Concept evaluation

    BIM as a topic in our research monitors

    To create an overview of market developments and provide context for client-specific researches, USP Marketing Consultancy has developed several monitors. We continuously research market developments and effects of key trends like labour shortage among architects, contactors, HVAC installers, electrical installers, painters and end-consumers, of which reports are published quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

    European Electrical Installation Monitor

    This research helps understand the electrical installer, vital for a good marketing strategy and internal discussions. The European Electrical Installation monitor provides insights on installers activities, how they orientate themselves, training needs they have, how digital they are, etc. The key trends in this market are monitored each quarter in seven European countries since 2016.



    European Architectural Barometer

    Each quarter, USP’s prediction model forecasts future building volumes in eight European countries. Alongside forecasting volumes, we use architects’ insights to study key trends like BIM, prefab, changes in DMU, the changing role of architects, etc. Knowing where, how and when these trends become relevant is the key market intelligence necessary for sound strategic decision making.



    Painter Insight Monitor

    The Painter Insight Monitor includes eight main European markets and 250 professional painters per country that are interviewed each year. This provides a comprehensive scope of the European paint market (interior wall paint, exterior wall paint and lacquers) and related non-paint products (acrylic sealants, tapes, wall fillers, wood repair, paint sprayers, brushes & rollers, etc.).


    Latest news around BIM

    We frequently publish news articles based on our latest market studies. Read our most recent articles about Building Information Modelling (BIM) below.

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