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Product development

As product development plays a vital part in the growth of any business, it's not a surprise that USP frequently gets request to conduct product development studies. Whether it's a concept test or a evaluation of a pre-production product, you can rely on our 30+ years of experience conducting these types of studies in the construction, installation and home improvement markets.

Tailor made

Our research is always customized to fit your needs and help you answer your business objective trough insights and advice.

Leading industry experts

Leverage our 30+ years of expertise in the construction, installation and home improvement markets.

Insights and advice

Our mission is to provide insights and advice, not just data.

Clients we helped with product development research

What our clients say about us

Joost Maarse

Global Lead Circular Economy at Grundfos

Delivered as promised and great regular communication towards us as a client.

Edwin Ebskamp

Manager Brand & Traffic at Deli Home

USP is a reliable research agency, always a pleasure to work with.

Research topics

Every product development research USP conducts is unique. However, there are some elements that are frequently part of our product development studies.

Market needs assessment

Understanding the current market landscape, stakeholder preferences, and unmet needs. This might involve market segmentation, trend analysis, and identifying emerging needs.

Idea generation and testing of concepts

Testing the product development ideas and concepts among the key stakeholders will lead to better overall prototype developments

Prototyping and Testing

Once a prototype is developed, it needs to be rigorously tested by the intended users in real-time. USP can facilitate this.

Production model and testing

Once a pre-production model is developed, it needs to be rigorously tested by the intended users in real-time. USP can facilitate this.

Post launch evaluation

After the product is launched, it's important to gather feedback from key users, monitor performance metrics, and address any issues that arise. Continuous improvements and updates are made based on market feedback and changing needs.

Who benefits?

C-level professionals

Business/product development professionals

Marketing and market intelligence professionals

Investors and M&A professionals

Key problem in what directions should we develop new products and services to increase sales and market share?

USP can conduct a market needs assessment, targeting all relevant key stakeholders to understand future needs and requirements. Based on this and our 30+ years of market experience, we can think about possible new product features and services that could be developed.

How can we optimize our current new product concept?

USP can evaluate your current product concept and/or idea’s with the key intended users. USP can assist throughout the business development process, from ideas to production models, by collecting key feedback from the intended users.

We need to test a product prototype and get feedback from the key intended users

As an internationally operating market-specialized research agency for the construction, installation, and home improvement markets, USP can assist you with product prototype (or pre-production models) testing amongst the key intended users in multiple countries at the same time, keeping the results comparable and of high quality through solid market research. With our 30+ years of industry expertise in the construction, installation, and home improvement markets, we can deliver insights and advice.

Should we develop a new concept or introduce an existing one in a new market?

USP can help you determine what the market need would be for a new product or the introduction of an existing product in a new market. USP has more than three decades of experience with product development and introduction research in the construction, installation, and home improvement markets.

Our product development experts

Dirk Hoogenboom

Manager Sales & Marketing

Ralitsa Ruseva

Team Leader | Consultant


  1. Can USP arrange for key intended users to physically work with our prototypes or pre-production products?

Yes, as a specialized market research agency specializing in the construction, installation, and home improvement market segments, we can target virtually any stakeholder active in these segments and recruit them to evaluate and work with your prototype products.

  1. What type of methodology does USP use when it comes to product development studies?

This depends, of course, on your wishes and the feasibility of the fieldwork. In many cases, B2B target groups in the construction and installation market segments don’t respond well to online research. Furthermore, the availability of online panels for target groups like contractors, installers, painters, and so on is very low and typically of low quality. Furthermore, in many cases, especially with concept or pre-production product testing, the intended users need to see, touch, and even work with the products. USP can facilitate this.

  1. Can USP run product development researches in multiple countries at the same time?

Yes, one of the added values of working with USP, besides our three decades of experience in the construction, installation, and home improvement segments, is that we can run our research projects in multiple countries simultaneously, utilizing the same methodology. This is especially important for product development studies, as new products are rarely developed for just one market.

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