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About USP

Market research anywhere around the world backed by three decades of experience and specialised knowledge of  the construction, home improvement, installation and real estate markets pretty much defines our unique offer and value as a discussion partner to our clients.

USP Marketing Consultancy is an internationally operating market research and consultancy firm specialised in the construction, home improvement, installation and real estate markets.  We help global and local brands to truly understand the market they are operating in and advise them on business strategies based on profound data and specialised market knowledge.

A complex global playing field

The world of construction, home improvement, installation and real estate is a global market that is influenced by major societal and global trends as much as it is driven by its own quaint trends and local mentalities.

It encompasses anything from massive multinationals to the painter or plumber around the corner, from designing, building and managing the tallest sky scraper in the world to replacing your shower head. As such, this is a fascinating and hugely complex global market with a wide array of overlapping and interplaying specialised sectors.

Specialised insights and advice

To successfully operate in the construction, home improvement, installation and real estate markets, knowledge on specific sectors in local areas is as essential as knowledge of wider market trends to put things in perspective. USP Marketing Consultancy proudly offers both.

We provide market research anywhere around the world to answer your specific questions, backed by three decades of market knowledge to put those answers in context, which ultimately allows us to advise you on market strategies that pave your way to success.

By dedicated teams of specialists

We can deliver solid data and sound results first and foremost thanks to a highly skilled staff. Our teams of researchers, project managers and consultants come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, resulting in complementing perspectives that allow for the best results.

Varied though they may be, our staff is united in their dedication to your success. They work together to create a seamless customer experience and provide you with the foundation of knowledge and advice to achieve your business objectives.

Our mentality

We take great pride in our staff’s dedication to our clients, as it reflects our values as a company. While we offer quality research and specialised market knowledge of certain sectors, our true focus is on our clients and our true goal is their success.

That is evident in our proactive and collaborative approach. Our teams of Consultants, Project Managers and Research Analysts are ever ready to answer your requests, think along and even go the extra mile to deliver not just what we promised, but what you need to successfully achieve your objectives.

We also believe that a collaborative approach is essential. In our results and recommendations we will always tell it like it is, but by involving our clients in key steps of the research, we can better show them how and why things are what they are. That way we can guide them through the process and maximize the insights they get from the study.

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USP in numbers

At USP we are constantly conducting all kinds of studies all over the globe. We are dedicated to researching the construction, installation and home improvement markets. We help clients to make better decisions that are driven by insights, empowering them to grow.



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You always feel in good hands working with USP

USP always works very structurally and professionally, and we always feel in good hands.

Katrine Bruun Nielsen

Group Insights Manager, VELUX

Professional and easy to communicate with

USP is professional, responsive, didactic, and voluntary. Easy to exchange my thoughts with them.

Céline Pineau

Consumer insight researcher, Hager


Customer satisfaction

How to increase your turnover through customer satisfaction?


The more distinct your brand is, the more valuable it will become.

Customer journey

A customer journey is a customer's personal experience with your company.

Product development

Provide your product development and design team with end-user insights

Market exploration

Gain the insights you need to be successful in new and potential markets


Pricing is and always has been the biggest profit driver. We help you setting the right prices for your product


Better understand the unmet needs of you (potential) customers, identify growth opportunities and reach your target group in an effective way.

Market size

Quantify the potential returns of your investment by understanding the market size and setting realistic sales targets for new and potential markets

Driver analysis

Know which elements of the customer experience have the most impact on overall satisfaction, recommendation, and retention.



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Case Studies

Market Research Case Studies and industry experience can bring background and thought to any research project.

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