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Market research anywhere around the world, backed by three decades of experience and specialized knowledge of the construction, home improvement, installation, and real estate markets, pretty much defines our unique offer and value as a discussion partner to our clients.








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A complex global playing field

The world of construction, home improvement, installation, and real estate is a global market that is influenced by major societal and global trends as much as it is driven by its own quaint trends and local mentalities.

It encompasses anything from massive multinationals to the painter or plumber around the corner, from designing, building, and managing the tallest skyscraper in the world to replacing your shower head. As such, this is a fascinating and hugely complex global market with a wide array of overlapping and interplaying specialized sectors.

dedicated team

We can deliver solid data and sound results first and foremost thanks to our highly skilled staff.

dedicated to your success

Our staff works together to create a seamless customer experience to achieve your business objectives.

proactive and collaborative approach

Our teams of Consultants, Project Managers and Research Analysts are always ready to answer your requests.

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Our true focus is on our clients, and our true goal is their success.

Clients we work for

What our clients say about us

Armin Dipping

Senior Manager strategic and international Marketing at Gira

With the Electrical installation monitor reports we receive from USP we get an overview and first insights on behaviour, relevant topics and trends in the electrical installation industry.

Caroline Roque

EMEA Consumer and Market insights, Manager 3M Consumer Business Group

The USP team has very strong expertise in the construction and home improvement markets. We are using their detailed home improvement monitor reports very extensively.

Dalia Gonciauskaite

Marketing Manager Architectural at Covestro

It’s great that the European painters insights monitor reports are focusing on key topics that are highly relevant for our business.

Miryam Salvador

Global Channel Director, Schneider Electric

Their specialized insights on construction and installation markets allow us to make go-to-market decisions based on factual data. Their customer-centric approach helps us put customer needs at the centre of our decisions.

Catrin Klein

Head of Customer & Market Insights at Hilti

The Contractor monitor reports that we receive from USP provide insights that are fact-based and highly relevant. The reports are easy to assimilate with our internal audience and set foundation for deeper discussions.

Céline Pineau

Consumer insight researcher at Hager

USP is professional, responsive, didactic, and voluntary. It was easy to exchange my thoughts with them.

Daniel Angelovski

Group insights manager at Velux

The specialized insights in the Home Improvement Monitor are a great source of input for our industry analysis.

Anne Marie O’Toole-Deviller

Head of Marketing West at Kingspan

The USP Architectural barometer research has been a great asset for us in this regard and a solid basis for conducting further in-depth research.

dr. Christian Heine

CEO, Rothenberger AG

The European Mechanical Installation Monitor gives us great insights and these insights support our strategic decisions.

Gordon Murray-Smith

Market Intelligence and Insight Manager at BMI

USP is a trusted supplier of BMI as they understand our business, are professionals, and are pleasant to communicate with.

Johan Gijsman

Group Director Marketing, Walraven Holding

We have been using the mechanical installation monitor issued by USP for many years for the planning of our strategic initiatives.

Katrine Bruun Nielsen

Group insights manager at Velux

USP always works very structurally and professionally, and we always feel in good hands.

Mike Fees

Brand Manager EMEA at MTD

We highly value the quick response times, flexibility and overall market expertise.

Mila Valjentova

Strategy & Market Intelligence Director & Saint-Gobain

The European contractor monitor reports we receive from USP are of a great interest in our company. The reports’ insight are completing our analysis and contribute to strategic decision making.

Paul O’Dweyer

Global Consumer Market Development Manager at Bostik

Good working relationships between the project team, strong knowledge of the insights and findings from the fieldwork, presented and communicated very clearly in the report.

Justyna Gudowska-Pohling

AC EMEA Customer Insights Manager at PPG

USP delivered the company good, useful business recommendations and insights, which have accelerated business growth.

Jan Coerts

European Owens Corning

We use the European architectural barometer reports from USP to get architectural input on items relevant for the building and construction industry in Europe, helping us to set priorities in our innovation agenda.

Hardy Jaeschke

Senior Manager Market Research, Market Intelligence / Vaillant Group

The USP reports help us better understand different B2B target groups, better assess their business situations and enrich our range of knowledge enormously.

Gordana Faust

Market Intelligence Specialist, Rothenberger

The cooperation was perfect in every way, the project managers from USP have a lot of knowledge and are very reliable.

Daniel Angelovski

Group insights manager at Velux

Their specialized insights through the European contractor monitor and European architectural barometer provide a level of industry knowledge that is otherwise challenging to obtain.

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