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How often has you company been faced with at least some of the following challenges: How to maximize revenue and ROI? How much are your customers willing to pay for your product or services? And if you change the price level in any way, which reactions from customers and market could you expect from these changes? USP can lean on 30+ years of market expertise in the construction, installation and home improvement markets to assist you with any kind of pricing studies.

Tailor made

Our research is always customized to fit your needs and help you answer your business objective trough insights and advice.

Leading industry experts

Leverage our 30+ years of expertise in the construction, installation and home improvement markets.

Insights and advice

Our mission is to provide insights and advice, not just data.

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Types of research

Every pricing research USP conducts is unique. However, there are some elements that are frequently part of our pricing studies.

Market analysis

Understanding the market dynamics, including competitors' pricing strategies, target group behavior, willingness to pay, and overall market conditions,. This involves gathering data on pricing trends and price sensitivity.

Value proposition

Assessing the value the product or service offers to the key stakeholders. This involves understanding the unique features, benefits, and perceived value compared to competitors' offerings.

Price elasticity

Determining how sensitive demand is to changes in price. Price elasticity helps in understanding how much the quantity demanded changes with changes in price and guides pricing decisions.

Positioning strategy

Aligning pricing with the overall brand positioning strategy. Premium pricing, economy pricing, or value-based pricing strategies can impact how the product is perceived in the market.

Promotions and discounts

Investigate to what degree promotions and discounts are present in the market and how effective they are.

Channel pricing

Considering variations in pricing strategies across different distribution channels. Online, offline, wholesale, and retail channels might require different pricing approaches.

Who benefits?

C-level professionals

Business/product development professionals

Marketing and market intelligence professionals

How can we optimize our long-term pricing strategy?

USP can assist you with your long-term pricing strategy by conducting solid market research on your current and future price positioning and uncovering how your value proposition is perceived & potentially will evolve in the future. USP has more than three decades of experience conducting pricing studies in the construction, installation and home improvement markets.

What would be the optimal price point(s) for our new products?

USP can determine, through solid market research, what the optimal price points for your new products is, based on the competitive offerings, customer feedback and a proper market analysis. For more than 30 years, USP has assisted manufacturers and wholesalers with their market introduction pricing studies.

We need to evaluate if and in what form promotions and discounts should be offered to our key stakeholders

As an internationally operating market specialized research agency for the construction, installation and home improvement markets, USP can assist you with gaining a better understanding how promotions and discounts impact the market and what the best strategy for your products and brands might be. With our 30+ years of industry expertise in the construction, installation and home improvement markets, we can deliver insights and advice.

Team members

Dirk Hoogenboom

Manager Sales & Marketing


  1. Can USP cover niche applications or products?

Yes, as a specialized market research agency specializing in the construction, installation and home improvement market segments, we can target virtually any stakeholder active in these segments and thus cover the products they use.

  1. What type of methodology does USP use when it comes to pricing studies?

This depends of course on your wishes and the feasibility of the fieldwork. In many cases, B2B target groups in the construction and installation market segments don’t respond well to online research. Furthermore, the availability of online panels for target groups like contractors, installers, painters and so on, is very low and typically of low quality. For B2C target groups, USP often uses online interviews, as for these target groups online research is a viable method.

  1. Can USP run pricing research in multiple countries at the same time?

Yes, one of the added values of working with USP, besides our three decades of experience in the construction, installation and home improvement segments, is that we can run our research projects in multiple countries simultaneously utilizing the same methodology.

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