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One of the most frequently requested market studies USP conducts are customer journey studies. Understanding your customers journey from orientation & inspiration all the way to services and retention are vital to increase your sales and marketing effectiveness. With more then three decades of experience conducting customer journey studies in the construction, installation and home improvement industry, we can deliver the insights and advice you need.

Tailor made

Our research is always customized to fit your needs and helps you answer your business objectives through insights and advice.

Leading industry experts

Leverage our 30+ years of expertise in the construction, installation, and home improvement markets.

Insights and advice

Our mission is to provide insights and advice, not just data.

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Research topics

Every customer journey research USP conducts is unique. However, there are some elements that are frequently part of our customer journey studies.


This stage involves how stakeholders become aware of a product or service. It includes channels such as social media, search engines, word-of-mouth, or advertising.


Stakeholders explore and gather information about the product or service. This could involve visiting the website, reading reviews, comparing features, or seeking recommendations.


Stakeholders weigh the pros and cons and compare alternatives. They might engage more deeply, such as by signing up for newsletters, attending demos, or engaging with customer support.


The point at which stakeholders make a purchase or commit to a particular product or service. This can involve factors like pricing, special offers, or incentives.


The actual transaction occurs. This could be online, in-store, or through various sales channels.


Stakeholder experience after buying is crucial. This includes onboarding, customer support, using the product, and seeking assistance if needed.


Keeping the stakeholders engaged and satisfied will encourage repeat purchases or continued usage. Loyalty programs, follow-up communications, and personalized experiences are part of this phase.


Satisfied customers become advocates, recommending the product or service to others through reviews, social media, or word-of-mouth.

Who benefits?

C-level professionals

Business/product development professionals

Marketing and market intelligence professionals

Investors and M&A professionals

How and where should we invest in the customer journey of our clients in order to gain a competitive advantage?

USP can map out the customer journey of your key target stakeholders and provide insights and advice on what parts of the journey need to be optimized and how.

How do our customers interact with our current products within their customer journey and what are the blind spots to be possibly filled by new product developments?

USP can investigate the current customer journey and map out any blindspots or improvement areas that are product- or service-related to provide insights and advice on new offerings that align with customer needs and preferences.

We need to track and monitor the customer journey and evaluate the success of initiatives and improvements over time.

As an internationally operating market-specialized research agency for the construction, installation, and home improvement markets, USP can conduct regular customer journey studies and assist with defining and measuring key KPI’s based on the customer journey.

How is the company of interest performing when it comes to customer retention and advocacy?

USP can help you determine how the company of interest performs in the total customer journey or parts of it. We can benchmark how this performance relates to other stakeholders and offer guidance on how well the company of interest performs.

Team members

Dirk Hoogenboom

Manager Sales & Marketing

Maja Marković

Team Leader | Consultant


  1. Can USP benchmark the results of a customer journey with competitors and/or similar industries?

Yes, as a specialized market research agency specializing in the construction, installation and home improvement market segments, we can benchmark the results of your customer journey research with results from adjacent or relevant industries and, depending on the research set-up, also with direct competitors.

  1. What type of methodology does USP use when it comes to customer journey researches?

This depends of course on your wishes and the feasibility of the fieldwork. In many cases, B2B target groups in the construction and installation market segments don’t respond well to online research. Furthermore, the availability of online panels for target groups like contractors, installers, painters and so, is very low and typically of low quality. This is why USP frequently runs B2B customer journey studies via phone to ensure representativeness and the highest quality of results. This is the case for both qualitative and quantitative studies. For B2C target groups, online research is a much more viable option.

  1. Can USP run customer journey researches in multiple countries at the same time?

Yes, one of the added values of working with USP, besides our three decades of experience in the construction, installation and home improvement segments, is that we can run our research projects in multiple countries simultaneous utilizing the same methodology and questionnaire (of course in native languages).

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