Why Customer journey research?

Any marketer needs to know where and when to converse with his customer.

Until not too long ago, customer engagement strategies in the construction, installation, and home improvement industries were pretty traditional and straightforward; (1.) the manufacturer is supplying the wholesaler and (2.) the wholesaler is supplying the professional applicator. A rather easy journey map to draw up.

Nowadays, however, global digitalisation is shaking up the foundation of customer interaction in these industries.

Marketers are increasingly confronted with changing online customer interaction moments. Building an ‘omnichannel’ strategy is the new standard for seamless experiences, and knowing how to investigate these dynamics is therefore crucial.

An example is the rise of Building Information Modelling (BIM). To developers, architects, and contractors, this tool has quickly transformed from a nice-to-have project backlog to a need-to-have calculation and communication platform; something a marketer would want to build a strategy around.

Being on top of these changing dynamics helps to create a better personalised, consistent and seamless experience for your customer. USP is there to assist you with this.

Case study

Customer Journey Mapping

Onze klant, een multinationale fabrikant van elektra, heeft een sterke positie in de professionele (B2B) markt, maar niet in de consumentenmarkt (B2C).


Having conducted numerous B2B and B2C customer journey studies in our core focus industries, USP Marketing Consultancy knows how to target professionals like architects, installers, painters, building contractors and end consumers around the world.

Our goal is to guide you in creating a seamless journey, which inevitably results in happier users, who are much more likely to return and spend more.

USP Marketing Consultancy has closely monitored the shift from fully offline journeys to omnichannel journeys. This experience is crucial for pinpointing opportunities addressing pain points and delights. Our projects have helped both those who serve as frontrunners in updating and optimising their journey strategies and those who struggle with converting their traditional strategies.

Some of our recent customers include:

We needed a knowledgeable and flexible partner

“Very valuable know-how on questionnaire design. I especially liked the support, availability and the flexibility of the USP team during the project”

Elham Khatibi

International Product Manager for Digital supply systems , Geberit

Market knowledge makes the differences

“The very good knowledge of the market and the fact that USP delivered on time despite delays on our side made the whole project highly appreciated by me”

Ugo Jacquemier

Market Intelligence and Data Manager , Sonepar International Services SA

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