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USP Kitchen Monitor

The Kitchen Monitor offers crucial insights for manufacturers and retailers in the kitchen market, derived from a large-scale survey of consumers in The Netherlands. The study provides additional insights for each product category, making the USP Kitchen Monitor a highly valuable and action-oriented report.

Excellence trough expertise

Key benefits

Fact based insights

The Kitchen Monitor is based on solid quantitative market research. Interviews are conducted with consumers who have recently purchased a new kitchen or replaced kitchen products. This provides a solid foundation to provide key insights like the number of kitchens sold per year, share of purchase channels, and brands.

Solid methodolgy

Every year, approximately 3,000 successful online interviews with consumers are held. Thorough quality checks are in place to ensure that the interviews are of the highest quality and that the sample is representative.

Strong comparabilty

The Kitchen Monitor has a track record of 10 years. Because the research has been held for many years, we can put the results in historical perspective and track trends and developments in the Dutch kitchen market.


Your opinions and input matter to us! All of our subscribers have an influence on the questionnaire and the topics we cover.

Long track record

The Kitchen Monitor has been running for many years and has a strong and loyal customer base. We not only report the results but also host annual meetings with the members to discuss the insights in more detail.

Experts in charge of reports

Dirk Hoogenboom

Manager Sales & Marketing

Reinier Zuydgeest

Managing Consultant

Clients we have worked for

Frequently asked questions

  1. What are the major trends that we are covering with this research?

The trends covered in this report include: number of kitchens sold, price per kitchen, purchase channels, product choices, orientation, NPS.

  1. How is the research conducted?

This report is based on approximately 3,000 online interviews annually with consumers in the Netherlands.

  1. How often is the report published?

This report is published quarterly.

  1. For whom is this research valuable?

These insights hold significant importance for kitchen retailers and manufacturers targeting end-customers in this market. With this information at their disposal, businesses can refine their marketing and communication strategies to better engage with the customers.

  1. How can one get access to the reports?

Contact us via [email protected] or use our report order form

  1. What are the prices of the reports?

The base report on th Kitchen market is available for €4,000, for an annual subscription. This report can be extended for € 2.500 with detailed insights on the category of your interest (appliances, taps, worktops etc.).

  1. Which countries does this report cover?

Currently the report is only available in The Netherlands. Please feel free to reach out if you are interested in any other markets.

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