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Purchase Channels Q2 2022

Uncover the prevalent purchase channels in the home improvement sector during Q2 2022. Delve into consumer preferences and the factors influencing their purchasing decisions.



No. of pages


Target group


Key research topics

Purchase channels among European consumers


Based on 6.617 successful online interviews in native languages

Country scope

Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and Austria


Full report in pdf or ppt covering all 11 countries, support from a key account manager in case of questions

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3,150 Euro

What is this report?

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the home improvement industry, focusing on purchase channels and customer behavior within various categories. Within this report, you will gain insights into how customers engage with purchase channels in the home improvement sector and the factors influencing their choices. The report also highlights the most preferred purchase channels for consumers, shedding light on their satisfaction levels and mapping out the online leaders in home improvement. Furthermore, the report delves into the economic landscape of the home improvement sector, examining whether customers are actively pursuing home improvement projects and to what extent. This data can prove invaluable for refining, enhancing, or developing your business strategies within the European DIY consumer market. Our research is grounded in online interviews conducted with 6,617 European consumers across Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, and Austria.

Why do you need this report?


This report aims to provide valuable insights into the purchase channels that customers utilize within the home improvement sector. These insights hold significant importance for DIY stores and manufacturers targeting consumers in this market. With this information at their disposal, businesses can refine their marketing and communication strategies to better align with current market demand. Furthermore, comprehending customer behavior, preferences, and attitudes in the context of purchasing will streamline data-driven internal discussions, reducing the necessity for customized research.

How was the research conducted?

This report is based on 6.617 successful online interviews with consumers in European countries: Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and Austria. This research is conducted quarterly with the reports covering different key topics in the home improvement industry like media orientation, DIFM vs. DIY, sustainability, branding, digitalisation of the sector, purchase channels and many more.

What is included in this report?

The primary objective of this research is to provide valuable insights into how European customers purchase home improvement products and the various channels they use for these purchases. It delves into consumer attitudes, investigating the key factors that influence their choices when it comes to buying home improvement products. Report also is  mapping out the online leaders in home improvement. Covering home improvement trends across 11 European countries, this study also explores consumer preferences for specific categories.

This comprehensive research offers an in-depth understanding of the current landscape and emerging trends within the dynamic home improvement industry, with a specific focus on purchase channels and consumer behavior. It also includes an analysis of the economic developments within the DIY sector and provides insights into consumer behavior in the near future.

Key questions answered

Are European customers eager to purchase home improvement products online? 

Which purchase channel do European customers prefer the most when buying home improvement products? 

Which DIY store is the most recognizable among European customers? 

How many European customers are buying home improvement products on Amazon? 

How important are customer reviews and ratings in the decision-making process for purchasing home improvement products?

Table of content

  1. Key insights 
  2. European developments 
  3. Purchase channels 
  4. European overview 
  5. Country overview 
    1. Austria 
    2. Belgium
    3. Denmark
    4. France
    5. Germany 
    6. Italy
    7. The Netherlands
    8. Poland
    9. Spain
    10. Sweden
    11. The UK
  6. Home improvement per category

Frequently asked questions

  1. Which DIY store web-shop is the most recognized among European consumers?

Leroy Merlin is the top-of-mind website for three out of the four surveyed product categories: home improvement products, paint, and bathroom products. Amazon is the most recognized in the power tools category.

  1. How many European households are buying home improvement products on Amazon?

On a European level, in 2022, the share of households that purchased via Amazon has decreased since 2020, especially in Belgium (11%), Germany (9%), and the UK (9%).

  1. How important are customer reviews and ratings of home improvement products to European customers?

68% of European customers use reviews and ratings before making a purchase of home improvement products. On a European level, there has been a slight decrease in the frequency of using customer reviews or ratings when purchasing home improvement products.

  1. Which purchase channel do European customers choose most often when buying home improvement products?

The DIY shop is the preferred purchase channel for European customers, with 49% of customers confirming this in H1 2022.

  1. Which European countries purchase home improvement products online the most?

Online purchases have been steadily growing in Germany (19.9%), Italy (12.4%) and Poland (13.8%).

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