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Ready made reports / European Architectural Barometer / Decision making Q3 2022

Decision making Q3 2022

Unveil the decision-making processes in the construction industry through the lens of European architects. Discover the factors that influence crucial decisions and the interplay among different stakeholders.



No. of pages


Target group

Architectural companies, excluding companies with only 1 employee

Key research topics

Decision making in the construction industry


Based on 975 successful quantitative telephone interviews in native languages

Country scope

Germany, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Italy


Full report in pdf or ppt covering all 8 countries, support from a key account manager in case of questions

Publication frequency



1,850 Euro

What is this report?

This report provides a comprehensive view of the state of decision-making within the construction industry, specifically among European architects. In the report, you will find the architects' perspective on their roles, identification of other important stakeholders in construction projects, and insights into how these roles are likely to evolve in the future. This information can assist you in shaping, refining, or developing your business strategies more precisely. This research is based on quantitative telephone interviews with 975 registered architects, each of whom has 1 or more employees, distributed across the eight major European markets.

Why do you need this report?

This report will offer key insights into the decision-making process in the construction industry. The insights provided will be especially useful for the marketing communication strategies of manufacturers and wholesalers supplying this target group, as it will enhance their effectiveness. Understanding who the decision-maker is in a construction project can help marketers strategize and target their audience without the need for conducting a tailor-made investigation.

How was the research conducted?

This report is based on 975 successful quantitative telephone interviews with architects, conducted in the native language in Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany and Poland. The report is based on a representative sample of architects, with companies with less than 1 employee being excluded. This research is conducted quarterly  with the reports covering different key marketing topics like media orientation, BIM, prefab, sustainability and many more.

What is included in this report?

The primary focus of this research is to provide key insights into decision-making among architects, with a specific emphasis on their overall influence within building projects and the influence of other stakeholders. The study also offers insights into architects’ perceptions of their roles in construction projects and how their roles will evolve in the future. It highlights significant differences among the eight European countries covered and provides other valuable insights. The report also includes a detailed view of the turnover and order book developments of architects, along with background information on their company size, and other relevant details. 

Architects play a pivotal role in the construction industry, serving as early indicators of both positive and negative changes. The trends and developments within architectural firms serve as valuable predictors for the overall construction market. USP publishes forecasts for building volumes based on insights gained from the experiences of architects (but also all other stakeholders that are regularly interviewed by USP in the construction business value chain) and 11 other market indicators. Our future building volumes predictions have proven accurate and have stood the test of time.

Key questions answered

Who takes precedence in the decision making, in construction projects?
How do the architects view their role in the construction industry?
Who has the most impact when it comes to sustainable construction decisions? 

Who in the construction industry is mostly in charge of brand choice in building projects?
In which countries do the architects have the most influence when it comes to brand selection?
What is the role of other stakeholders like building owners and contractors when it comes to construction projects?

Table of content

  1. Forecast overview
  2. Economic and construction figures
    1. United Kingdom
    2. Germany
    3. France
    4. Spain
    5. Italy
    6. Netherlands
    7. Belgium
    8. Poland 
  3. Decision Making in the Construction Industry
  4. Research background

Frequently asked questions

  1. Who has the most impact when it comes to brand decisions in the construction projects, according to architects?

53% of architects stated that the building owner has the most influence in brand choices in construction projects, especially in Germany and the UK, while the main contractor holds it in the Netherlands and Belgium.

  1. In which country do the architects have the most decision power in brand selection?

English architects have the most decision power in brand selection, however, French architects are especially involved in choosing brands for daylight solutions.

  1. Who has the most decision power in construction?

Next to architects, the building owner has the most decision power in most European countries when it comes to building materials

  1. Who has the most influence when it comes to sustainable solutions in building projects?

Environmentally friendly construction is expected to have the most influence on the increment of architects’ role.

  1. How do architects view their role in decision making?

Architects expect their role to increase in the fields of technical specifications and regulations.

What our clients say about us

Anne Marie O’Toole-Deviller

Head of Marketing West at Kingspan

The USP Architectural barometer research has been a great asset for us in this regard and a solid basis for conducting further in-depth research.

Daniel Angelovski

Group insights manager at Velux

Their specialized insights through the European contractor monitor and European architectural barometer provide a level of industry knowledge that is otherwise challenging to obtain.

Jan Coerts

European Owens Corning

We use the European architectural barometer reports from USP to get architectural input on items relevant for the building and construction industry in Europe, helping us to set priorities in our innovation agenda.

Experts in charge of reports

Dirk Hoogenboom

Manager Sales & Marketing

Jeroen De Gruijl

Team Leader | Consultant

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