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European Architectural Barometer

Comprehensive insights into the state of the construction market in Europe, with a focus on European architects. Every quarter, approximately 750+ successful telephone interviews are conducted with architects in 8 European countries. Each quarterly report focuses on key marketing topics, such as sustainability, BIM, prefab, orientation behaviour, and many more. The reports also include our predictions for future building volumes.

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Key benefits

Fact based insights

The European architectural barometer is based on solid quantitative market research, providing a solid foundation to provide key insights on a wide variety of marketing topics.

Solid methodolgy

Every report is based on approximately 750 successful telephone interviews in native language.

Strong comparabilty

Every quarter, a research is conducted and a report is published. Because the research is conducted in all of the countries at the same time, with same methodology and questionnaire, the results per country are highly comparable.


Your opinion and input matter to us! All of our subscribers have influence on the questionnaire and the topics we cover.

Long track record

The European architectural barometer has been running for many years and has a strong & loyal customer base. Many of the quarterly topics are repeated every two years, enabling multi-year comparisons and trends.

Excellence trough expertise

Available reports


Trends in material usage Q1 2024

2024 102 pages

Explore the evolving trends in material usage among European architects in Q1 2024. Delve into the factors driving material preferences and the impact on construction aesthetics and sustainability.


BIM Q4 2023

2024 246 pages

Key insights regarding the BIM usage and behaviour of European architects, and our latest future building volumes prognoses


Sustainability Q2 2023

2023 94 pages

Uncover architects' perspectives on sustainability in Q2 2023. Explore the evolving sustainable practices and the impact on architectural designs and project implementations.


Media orientation Q1 2023

2023 95 pages

Unravel the media engagement trends among European architects in Q1 2023. Delve into how different media channels are utilized for information, inspiration, and professional growth.


Prefab in construction Q3 2023

2023 90 pages

Delve into the influential role of contractors within construction decision-making units. Explore the dynamics and the extent of impact contractors have in crucial construction decisions.


Trends in material usage Q2 2022

2022 117 pages

Explore the evolving trends in material usage among European architects in Q2 2022. Delve into the factors driving material preferences and the impact on construction aesthetics and sustainability.


Love Brands Q4 2022

2022 133 pages

Dive into the concept of Love Brands within the architectural sector. Discover which brands resonate well with architects and the elements that contribute to strong brand affinity.


Decision making Q3 2022

2022 103 pages

Unveil the decision-making processes in the construction industry through the lens of European architects. Discover the factors that influence crucial decisions and the interplay among different stakeholders.

1,850€ Single report 8 countries / 6,300€ Annual subscription

Excellence trough expertise

Upcoming reports


Smart materials and buildings Q4 2024

2025 February

1,850 Euro


Decision making Q3 2024

2024 mid-October

1,850 Euro


Future of construction Q2 2024

2024 End of August

1,850 Euro

Clients of the European Architectural Barometer

What our clients say about us

Anne Marie O’Toole-Deviller

Head of Marketing West at Kingspan

The USP Architectural barometer research has been a great asset for us in this regard and a solid basis for conducting further in-depth research.

Daniel Angelovski

Group insights manager at Velux

Their specialized insights through the European contractor monitor and European architectural barometer provide a level of industry knowledge that is otherwise challenging to obtain.

Jan Coerts

European Owens Corning

We use the European architectural barometer reports from USP to get architectural input on items relevant for the building and construction industry in Europe, helping us to set priorities in our innovation agenda.

Hardy Jaeschke

Senior Manager Market Research, Market Intelligence / Vaillant Group

The USP reports help us better understand different B2B target groups, better assess their business situations and enrich our range of knowledge enormously.

Anton Haller

Head of Precast Marketing at Allplan

USP’s architectural reports helps us understand the mood in the market which is really valuable. Also it helps us verify the key topics our customers are dealing with.

Marina Wall

Manager Customer Research & Insights at DAW SE

USP has extensive international construction industry experience, and their Monitors provide valuable insights, supporting our marketers in their marketing strategies.


Dirk Hoogenboom

Manager Sales & Marketing

Jeroen De Gruijl

Team Leader | Consultant

Frequently asked questions

  1. What are the major trends that we are covering with this research?

The trends covered in this report include sustainability, material usage trends, decision-making in the construction industry, preferred brands among architects, media orientation, prefab, BIM, labour shortage, and many more.

  1. What is the methodolgy behind this research?

This report is based on 3.400 successful quantitative telephone interviews with architects on an annuall basis. The interviews are conducted in native language in Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, and Poland. The report relies on a representative sample of architects, excluding companies with fewer than 1 employee. This research is conducted quarterly, with reports covering different key marketing topics like media orientation, BIM, prefab, sustainability, and many more. With these reports you get vital insights to sharpen your strategical marketing plans, improve internal discussion/decision making by having fact-based information and helping to narrow down and focus better on possible dedicated market research topics.

  1. How often is this research conducted and reports published?

The research is conducted four times a year and the reports are published quarterly.

  1. For whom is this research valuable?

These insights are of high value for any stakeholder active in the construction indusry and targetting the architects and architectural market.

  1. How can one get access to the reports?

Contact us via the contact form, order the reports via the report order function or contact us via [email protected]

  1. What does the pricing work?

A single report for 8 countries is available for €1,850, and an annual subscription (4 reports) costs €6,300.

  1. Which countries does this report cover?

In addition to the cross-country comparison and insights at the European level, this report covers the following European countries: the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Poland.

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