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Painter Insight Monitor

Our annual report covers 8 major European markets and interviews 250 professional painters per country, providing extensive insights into the European paint market and non-paint markets. Discover the buying patterns of professional painters, including their loyalty to certain brands and their purchasing channels, whether it be their favourite specialist paint dealer or through e-commerce. Our report also covers the latest trends in paint products, such as improved colour stability and durability. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the European paint market with the Painter Insight Monitor.

Available reports

Reports are published yearly covering various key trends and are available below:


Purchase Behaviour

The Painter Insight Monitor 2023 report offers a comprehensive analysis of purchasing behavior and preferences within the conservative paint market. As consumer markets continue to evolve with the rise of online buying, it becomes crucial to investigate how these changes impact different industries. This report focuses on the paint market and aims to shed light on the purchasing behavior of painters, including their preferences and the channels they use for purchasing products.


Media Orientation

European painters are slowly becoming more digital in their orientation and media behaviour. As a consequence, digital media is becoming more important. This is especially true for generation X and Y who will, as a consequence of the outflow of the baby boomers, become more important in the decision making process on brands. That being said, traditional media usage and collecting information at the purchase point, remains the most important information source for painters.



In the consumer market, we have seen a huge increase in online buying behaviour due to the corona pandemic. There is a lot of market data available on consumers but far less on the B2B market, especially in the construction industry. This is why each year USP Marketing Consultancy conducts the European Painter Insight Monitor. The 2021 issue of the report will focus on the impact of corona on the buying behaviour of professional painters.


Future expectations and trends

The topic of this research is future expectations (challenges, needs, new business models and decision making). Besides this topic, we track some trends every year, like online buying, sustainability, profile of the painters and more.The third and final part of this research covers the painter’s brand awareness/usage/preference for multiple product groups


Trends, brands and media

Besides the brand funnels for various product groups (awareness, usage and preference) this report focuses on media usage, online orientation & buying. With this key information, you can vastly improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts by understanding better the orientation phase of the customer journey.


Manufacturers Recognize Brand Loyalty of Painters

The paint market has remained fairly stable for years. This is remarkable, especially considering the use of plastic frames and other materials that do not require painting. At the same time, paint manufacturers are improving their products. Paint is becoming more colour stable and less sensitive to wear. Manufacturers also recognise that the painter is brand loyal, as they are not quick to switch away from their usual paint brands.

Painting Industry Sees Shift in Buying Habits Among Multi-Skilled Professionals

Professional painters have proven to be quite traditional. They like to go to their favourite specialist paint dealer or buy directly from manufacturers (via service centres). Multi-skilled professionals (doing several other jobs in addition to painting) are increasingly willing to buy at general wholesalers and DIY stores. These generalist shops have more and more specialised products in their range and are usually located in the vicinity of the painter and the construction site. At the same time, e-commerce is increasingly accepted in more traditional industries and businesses, including the paint industry.

Insights into the European Paint Market: The Painter Insight Monitor Covers 8 Major Markets and Offers a Comprehensive Scope on the Industry

The Painter Insight Monitor covers 8 major European markets (Germany, France, Poland, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium) and each year, 250 professional painters are interviewed per country. This offers an extensive scope on the European paint market (interior wall paint, exterior wall paint and varnish) and non-paint markets (acrylic sealants, tapes, wall fillers, wood repair, sprayers, brushes and rollers, dust extractors/ vacuum cleaners and sanders).

€ 10,500 Single report 8 countries

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Painter Insight Monitor

The Painter Insight Monitor includes 10 main European markets and 250 professional painters are interviewed per country each year. This provides a comprehensive scope on the European paint market (interior wall paint, exterior wall paint and lacquers) and related non-paint products (acrylic sealants, tapes, wall fillers, wood repair, paint sprayers, brushes & rollers, etc.).

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