Efforts and regulations to reduce carbon emission move us away from fossil fuels and towards more sustainable power sources. The resulting trend of electrification of buildings, infrastructure and transportation has a major impact on the construction, installation and home improvement industries.

Not only do buildings need new electrical solutions to replace the old fuel-guzzling, carbon-emitting systems, buildings are turned into energy producers themselves. This requires producing solutions like photovoltaics and battery solutions to store energy produced. Aside from buildings, electrification also changes the infrastructure around them, as ever more electric vehicles need ever more charging stations.

How does electrification already impact the industry?

USP has been following the effects of the electrification trend in the construction, installation and home improvement markets via dedicated research for a variety of clients and in our monitor researches. We have on-shelf data of challenges electrification causes in the sector, as well as of opportunities electrification creates, especially for manufacturers and brands active in the installation market.

A few examples of the impact of electrification:

  • Electrification changes demand, resulting in an increasing call for innovative solutions, products and systems.

  • This creates an interesting and lucrative playing field for the manufacturers and brands producing innovative installation products and systems.
  • Those systems need to be installed, causing installers to be in high demand as well.
  • New and ever more complex systems and installations add to the pressure on installers, ultimately increasing qualitative labour shortages in the market. 

How does USP help their customers with electrification topics?

The above are just a few examples of the challenges and opportunities the electrification trend causes. To be able to develop solutions to the challenges and grasp the opportunities successfully, we help our customers with a variety of studies among architects, contractors, HVAC installers, engineers and electrical installers that are linked to electrification in some way. 

Some examples of studies that we did around electrification: 

  1. Product development research
  2. Concept evaluation research
  3. Market exploration research 
  4. Segmentation research 
  5. Market sizing research

Latest news around electrification

We frequently publish news articles based on our latest market studies. Read our most recent articles about electrification below.

Electrification as a topic in our research monitors

To create an overview of market developments and provide context for client-specific researches, USP Marketing Consultancy has developed several monitors. We continuously research market developments and effects of key trends like labour shortage among architects, contactors, HVAC installers, electrical installers, painters and end-consumers, of which reports are published quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

European Electrical Installation Monitor

This research helps you understand the electrical installer, which is vital for a good marketing strategy and essential for internal discussions. The European Electrical Installation monitor provides insights on what activities installers are doing, how they orientate themselves, what training needs they have, how digital they are, and much more. The key trends in this market are monitored each quarter in seven European countries since 2016.

European Architectural Barometer

Each quarter, USP's prediction model forecasts future building volumes in eight European countries. Aside from forecasting volumes, we use architects' insights to study key trends like BIM, prefab, changes in DMU, the changing role of architects, and many more. Knowing where, how and when these trends become relevant is key market intelligence necessary for sound strategic decision making.


Painter Insight Monitor

The Painter Insight Monitor includes 8 main European markets and 250 professional painters are interviewed per country each year. This provides a comprehensive scope on the European paint market (interior wall paint, exterior wall paint and lacquers) and related non-paint products (acrylic sealants, tapes, wall fillers, wood repair, paint sprayers, brushes & rollers, etc.).

Discover opportunities for your brand

Do you want to know how trends change your target groups’ demand, attitudes, perspectives and decision-making criteria, and whether your brand and products are answering their needs? Do you want to learn how you can make your customers’ lives easier whilst adding value to your brand? USP Marketing Consultancy specialises in various types of market research that can answer these questions, like customer satisfaction, driver analysis, customer journey, product development research, and many more.

Customer satisfaction

Would you like to increase your turnover by improving customer satisfaction in the construction, installation and home improvement sector? USP conducts customer satisfaction research in these markets to help you succeed. Enhanced customer experience and customer satisfaction is a key factor that helps a brand stand out and grow its market share


The more distinct your brand is, the more valuable it will become. Being distinct is not that easy when playing in the field of construction, installation and home improvement, however. Professionals tend to stick with their favourite brands. Our branding studies all come down to one common goal: increasing long-term profitability by introducing, maintaining or growing your brand in a wildly competitive landscape.

Customer journey

Een customer journey (klantreis) is de persoonlijke ervaring van een klant met uw bedrijf. Hoe reageren uw klanten op uw producten, diensten of concept? Het evalueren van een klantreis stelt u in staat om de sterke en zwakke punten van uw bedrijf te verbeteren, waardoor het behoud en de omzet van klanten worden verbeterd. USP kan u helpen uw aanbod af te stemmen op de behoeften en wensen van uw klanten.

Market exploration

Perhaps you plan to enter a new market with your product or service. In that case, you need to understand exactly what is going on in that market. What are the trends and developments in that market, and who are the most important players?We use a range of methods to identify the market characteristics, such as market size, segmentation, distribution hubs, key media, market developments and sector culture.

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Customer satisfaction

How to increase your turnover through customer satisfaction?


The more distinct your brand is, the more valuable it will become.

Customer journey

A customer journey is a customer's personal experience with your company.

Product development

Provide your product development and design team with end-user insights

Market exploration

Gain the insights you need to be successful in new and potential markets


Pricing is and always has been the biggest profit driver. We help you setting the right prices for your product


Better understand the unmet needs of you (potential) customers, identify growth opportunities and reach your target group in an effective way.

Market size

Quantify the potential returns of your investment by understanding the market size and setting realistic sales targets for new and potential markets

Driver analysis

Know which elements of the customer experience have the most impact on overall satisfaction, recommendation, and retention.



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