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Driver analysis

Driver analysis can provide insights into the relevance and most important drivers for all of the relevant stakeholders in the construction, installation and home improvement business value chain. Our customers often use this information to develop new products and services. With this, it’s also essential to understand the DMU. USP has over three decades of experience conducting driver analysis, providing insights and advice to our customers.

Tailor made

Our research is always customized to fit your needs and help you answer your business objective trough insights and advice.

Leading industry experts

Leverage our 30+ years of expertise in the construction, installation and home improvement markets.

Insights and advice

Our mission is to provide insights and advice, not just data.

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Research topics

Every driver analysis USP conducts is unique. However, there are some elements that are frequently part of our driver analysis studies.

Variable Identification

Identifying potential drivers or independent variables that might influence the outcome. These could include product features, customer service quality, pricing, brand reputation, etc.

Hypothesis Formulation

Formulating hypotheses about which variables are likely to have a significant impact on the outcome. These hypotheses guide the analysis process.

Data Analysis

Employing statistical techniques such as regression analysis, correlation analysis, factor analysis, or other multivariate analysis methods to analyze the relationships between the identified drivers and the outcome variable.

Driver Ranking

Assessing the strength and significance of each driver's impact on the outcome. This involves quantifying the effect of each driver variable on the dependent variable.

Causality Assessment

Determining the direction and causality of the relationships between drivers and the outcome. Understanding whether a variable directly causes changes in the outcome or is merely correlated is crucial.

Actionable Insights

Interpreting the results to derive actionable insights. This involves understanding which drivers have the most significant impact and devising strategies to leverage or improve these drivers to positively influence the outcome.

Who benefits?

C-level professionals

Business/product development professionals

Marketing and market intelligence professionals

What are the key drivers for our target groups that could potentially effect sales?

USP can conduct a driver analysis study focused on understanding what drivers are most relevant for their purchase and prescription behaviour. Based on our three decades of market experience in the construction, installation, and home improvement market segments, we can not only conduct the research but also provide insights and advice.

What are key drivers governing product choice so we can ensure that this is taken into account when developing new products?

USP can investigate what drivers are important for product choice and product features. Based on solid market research and our market expertise, we can deliver the insights and advice you need.

We need a complete driver analysis for our core target groups

As an internationally operating market-specialized research agency for the construction, installation, and home improvement markets, USP can conduct complete driver analysis for any target group worldwide active in these segments.

Team members

Dirk Hoogenboom

Manager Sales & Marketing

Henri Busker

Team Leader | Consultant


  1. Can USP conduct driver analysis studies for niche target groups like electrical engineers?

Yes, as a specialized market research agency specializing in the construction, installation, and home improvement market segments, we target any relevant stakeholders in these segments for your driver analysis studies.

  1. What type of methodology does USP use when it comes to customer journey researches?

This depends, of course, on your wishes and the feasibility of the fieldwork. In many cases, B2B target groups in the construction and installation market segments don’t respond well to online research. Furthermore, the availability of online panels for target groups like contractors, installers, painters, and so on is very low and typically of low quality. This is why USP frequently runs B2B customer journey studies via phone to ensure representativeness and the highest quality of results. This is the case for both qualitative and quantitative studies. For B2C target groups, online research is a much more viable option.

  1. Can USP run driver analysis researches in multiple countries at the same time?

Yes, one of the added values of working with USP, besides our three decades of experience in the construction, installation, and home improvement segments, is that we can run our research projects in multiple countries simultaneously, utilizing the same methodology and questionnaire (of course in native languages).

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