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European Electrical Installation Monitor

The European Electrical Installation Monitor is a quarterly research targeting European electrical installers. Each year, 3,000 phone interviews are conducted with e-installers, and 4 reports are published. Each report covers a key marketing topic, such as media consumption, purchase channels, smart buildings, sustainability, and many more.

European Electrical Installation Monitor: Market Research Report

Excellence trough expertise

Key benefits

Fact based insights

The European Electrical Monitor is based on solid quantitative market research. The interviews are conducted with European electrical installer covering key marketing topics.

Solid methodolgy

Every report is based on approximately 750–800 successful telephone interviews with electrical installers in seven countries. This target group can only be properly investigated via telephone interviews, as online panels are either unavailable or unrelatable.

Strong comparabilty

The European electrical installation monitor covers seven key European countries. Because the research is conducted in all of the countries at the same time, with the same methodology and questionnaire, the results per country are highly comparable.


Your opinion and input matter to us! All of our subscribers have influence on the questionnaire and the topics we cover.

Long track record

The European electrical installation monitor has been running for many years and has a strong and loyal customer base. Many of the quarterly topics are repeated every year, enabling multi-year comparisons and trends.

Excellence trough expertise

Available reports


Sustainability Q1 2024

2024 99 pages

The European Electrical Installation Monitor report provides a detailed analysis of the sustainable solutions in the installation industry. This report specifically focuses on sustainability aspects in the industry.


Purchase channels Q4 2023

2024 97 pages

This report offers a comprehensive view of the buying and ordering behaviour among electrical installers in Europe. Within the report, you will find key information on the purchase channels installers use, the share-of-wallet per channel, the way of ordering and much more.


BIM Q3 2023

2023 97 pages

This report offers a comprehensive view of the status of BIM adaptation among electrical installers in Europe. Within the report, you will find information on the European countries where BIM is most and least used among installers, as well as details on the types of projects where BIM is predominantly employed and the revenue generated from BIM-related projects.


Training needs Q2 2023

2023 106 pages

This report offers an overview of installers’ habits and preferences concerning their education. Furthermore, the report encompasses the pervasive challenge of workforce shortage and explores the sector’s strategies for resolving this issue.


Media orientation Q1 2023

2023 119 pages

Understanding media orientation is crucial for businesses operating in the electrical installation sector. In today’s digital age, where media channels are constantly evolving, it is essential to identify the most effective platforms to reach and engage with target audiences. This report offers a comprehensive analysis of media usage within the industry, providing actionable insights that can drive impactful marketing campaigns.


Challenges towards a sustainable future Q1 2022

2022 89 pages

This report provides a comprehensive view of the attitudes of installers toward sustainability, specifically among electrical installers. Within the report, you will find insights about how many installation projects take sustainability into account, what products are mostly used in these kinds of projects, and which sustainable product brands are the most recognizable.


Smart buildings Q2 2022

2022 114 pages

This report provides a comprehensive view of the installer's perception and usage of smart building products. Within the report, you will find information on the type of installation that is most frequently requested and in which European countries smart product installation is most prevalent.


Services in the installation sector Q3 2022

2022 80 pages

This report provides a comprehensive view of the installer's requirements for services from manufacturers. Within the report, you will find information on the most needed services in each category: commercial processes, engineering, products & installation, and repair & maintenance. It also examines the services that installers offer to their customers.


Brand scan Q4 2022

2022 123 pages

This report offers a comprehensive view of the status of electrical installation brands among installers in Europe. Within the report, you will find information on spontaneous awareness, brand usage, and brand preference, both in terms of general brands and specific categories of electrical products, with detailed insights for each country: the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Spain.

3,150€ Single report / 10,500 € subscription of four reports

Clients of the European Electrical Installation Monitor

What our clients say about us

Armin Dipping

Senior Manager strategic and international Marketing at Gira

With the Electrical installation monitor reports we receive from USP we get an overview and first insights on behaviour, relevant topics and trends in the electrical installation industry.

Miryam Salvador

Global Channel Director, Schneider Electric

Their specialized insights on construction and installation markets allow us to make go-to-market decisions based on factual data. Their customer-centric approach helps us put customer needs at the centre of our decisions.

Hardy Jaeschke

Senior Manager Market Research, Market Intelligence / Vaillant Group

The USP reports help us better understand different B2B target groups, better assess their business situations and enrich our range of knowledge enormously.

Experts in charge of reports

Dirk Hoogenboom

Manager Sales & Marketing

Maja Marković

Team Leader | Consultant

Frequently asked questions

  1. What are the major trends that we are covering with this research?

The trends covered in these reports include: smart buildings, sustainability, services in the installation sector, trends among installation brands, media orientation, training needs, BIM usage, purchase channels and more.

  1. How is the research conducted?

This report is based on 3.000 annually successful quantitative telephone interviews with installers, conducted in the native language of the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Spain. The report relies on a representative sample of installers. Interviewed companies provide electrical installation services, but they may also engage in additional activities such as HVAC, plumbing, etc. Most interviews are conducted with owners/directors or purchasers of these companies.

  1. How often is the report published?

This report is published quarterly.

  1. For whom is this research valuable?

These insights will be particularly valuable for manufacturers, marketing units, software suppliers, and wholesalers targeting this group.

  1. How can one get access to the reports?

Contact us via [email protected] or use the report order form

  1. What are the prices of the reports?

The single report for 7 countries is available for €3,150, and an annual subscription is €10,500.

  1. Which countries does this report cover?

This report covers the following European countries: Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Spain.

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