European Electrical Installation Monitor

The e-installer is an important target group

The trends in the construction industry also affect the installation industry. Manufacturers innovate and create products that make new energy standards feasible. But how do installers apply these products? How do installers develop? What influence do trends have on the work process and the role of the installer?

Since 2016, we have been monitoring the e-installation market in seven different countries. USP Marketing Consultancy had already gained research experience in the e-installation market through tailor-made studies. However, increasing demand from the market moved us to set up this monitor research and provide a continuous stream of solid data on market development. 

We conduct this research by interviewing both small and large installation companies. This results in quarterly reports that provide insight into the order book of the e-installer, developments in the market and the activities in which they are involved. In addition, each quarter we focus on a certain theme. An example of such a theme is media orientation and consumption, which examines installers’ usage of different types of media in more detail. Examples of other themes of the European Electrical Installation Monitor are ‘Purchase Channels’ and ‘Smart buildings’.

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European Electrical Installation Monitor

In the European Electrical Installation Monitor we map out the pace in which these developments are taking place by country. See more details about the research in the factsheet.

Available reports

Reports are published quarterly covering various key trends and are available below:

Q2 2021
Q1 2022

Challenges towards a sustainable future

Q4 2021

Purchase Channels

Q2 2021
Q1 2021

Media orientation

Q3 2020

BIM and services in the installation sector

Q2 2020

Sustainability & Circularity

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