European Electrical Installation Monitor

The “European Electrical Installation Monitor” by USP Marketing Consultancy is a valuable resource for manufacturers and companies seeking insights into the evolving role of e-installers, providing solid data and analysis of market developments and trends in the installation industry across seven European countries, including themes such as media consumption, purchase channels, and smart buildings.

Available reports

Reports are published quarterly covering various key trends and are available below:

Q4 2022


This research report provides valuable insights into how familiar installers are with brands in e-installation sector. In today’s highly competitive market, simply being a well-known or even the best-known brand is not enough. You need a strong brand strategy that communicates what your brand stands for, what sets you apart, and why customers should choose your products.

Q3 2022

Services in the installation sector

One of the key outcomes of our latest European mechanical installation monitor Q3 2022 report on services is that installers are increasingly more interested in all the services manufacturers offer. Across most countries covered by this report, spare part services and tools/apps for checking product availability are at the top of the services installers want to receive from manufacturers.

Q2 2022

Smart Products

The world around us is becoming more and more digital. This is also the case for smart building products. Amongst European electrical installers, the share of electrical installation companies involved in the installation of smart building products increased significantly in 2022 compared to 2019.  About 75% of all European electrical installation companies are now involved in the installation of smart building products.

Q1 2022

Challenges towards a sustainable future

Sustainability and circularity are one of the key trends driving the construction and installation market, now perhaps more than ever.  In the new Q1 2022 report of the European electrical installation monitor, we have focused on this topic to provide key facts to help shape your strategy.

Q4 2021

Purchase Channels

One of the most crucial elements of a successful marketing strategy is understanding the buying behaviour of your core target group. This is the reason why USP monitors the buying behaviour of electrical installers every two years in the European electrical installation monitor.

Q3 2021


BIM usage is one of the key developments shaping the future construction and installation industry. BIM usage amongst architects has skyrocketed over the years, with the highest adoption in Europe being roughly 80% amongst Dutch architects (European average is 44%).

Q2 2021

Training needs

The need for training from manufacturers, wholesale and sector organisations has been increasing year after year. Knowledge is becoming a powerful marketing and customer intimacy tool. However, the corona crisis has impacted the training needs and frequency of attendance drastically. The amount of training installers followed dropped significantly and there was a clear shift towards more online training instead of face-to-face. 

Q1 2021

Media orientation

The corona crisis has impacted society in many ways, and it also affected the installation industry. One way in which the construction industry has been impacted might be less obvious, but the impact is very profound; the changes in orientation behaviour. How did the corona crisis impact the orientation behaviour of European electrical installers? And what is the consequence for your marketing communication strategy?

Q4 2020


The topic of the latest Q4 2020 report of the European Electrical Installation Monitor is ‘pricing’. In this report (covering Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and the UK), based on 755 successful telephone interviews with electrical installers, you will find key insights on attitude of installers towards pricing, information on price/bonus agreements they have, elements covered in price agreements and much more.

Gain Valuable Insights into the Behavior and Needs of E-Installers

The European Electrical Installation Monitor provides manufacturers, suppliers, and companies with valuable insights into the behaviour and needs of e-installers, a key target group in the installation industry, by examining market developments and trends, and exploring how these professionals are applying innovative products to meet new energy standards and adapt to changes in the construction industry, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions and develop effective strategies to reach and engage this important group.


  • 100-125 telephone interviews per quarter per country among electrical installers
  • Annually, 3,000+ successful telephone interviews
  • Insights are provided for 7 European countries

KEY TRENDS are being investigated:

  • Buying behaviour & online buying
  • Electrification
  • Labour shortage

Get Exclusive Insights into the Impact of Trends on E-Installers and their Work Processes

The trends in the construction industry also affect the installation industry. Manufacturers innovate and create products that make new energy standards feasible. But how do installers apply these products? How do installers develop? What influence do trends have on the work process and the role of the installer?

Since 2016, we have been monitoring the e-installation market in seven different countries. USP Marketing Consultancy had already gained research experience in the e-installation market through tailor-made studies. However, increasing demand from the market moved us to set up this monitor research and provide a continuous stream of solid data on market development. 

We conduct this research by interviewing both small and large installation companies. This results in quarterly reports that provide insight into the order book of the e-installer, developments in the market and the activities in which they are involved. In addition, each quarter we focus on a certain theme. An example of such a theme is media orientation and consumption, which examines installers’ usage of different types of media in more detail. 

€ 3,150 Single report 7 countries / € 10,500 Annual subscription

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European Electrical Installation Monitor

In the European Electrical Installation Monitor we map out the pace in which these developments are taking place by country. See more details about the research in the factsheet.

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