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Manufacturers in the construction, installation and DIY industries are constantly contemplating whether their product and service portfolios are still competitive within the market. This is necessary in order to keep up with continuous developments in the market, like digitalisation, sustainability, circularity and the changing labour market. In order to stay on target or become successful, this leads to 3 types of development trajectories for which solid research is essential.

Reasons for doing product research?


1. New products & services

In this fast-changing and innovative world, there is continuous need and room for new introductions. However, these introductions are often unsuccessful, which also applies to the installation, construction, and DIY sectors. Our product development research will help you succeed where others fail. 

2. Additions to already existing products & services

Although current portfolios may have proven themselves to be successful, changing circumstances (internal or external) can easily lead to changing demand, making it necessary to add to the existing portfolio.

3. Modifications to already existing products & services

Our changing world creates situations where products & services become outdated and are in need of revitalisation. Then modifications are essential to keep customers satisfied.

How do we help our customers with this?

We help our customer with both qualitative and quantitative research. We frequently organise focus groups in which new products or concepts are shown and discussed. This is organised with specific b2b groups like architects, contractors, engineers or painters, but also with consumer groups. Sometimes in-depth interviews are a better option for product research, which we can organise both online via video meetings or in offline face-to-face settings.

In addition to this, user observations  can be a valuable method for product research. For this, we observe people’s behaviour in the environment in which it typically occurs, like a contractor using a power tool on the job site.

For each customer request, we determine what is the most suitable approach to answer the research objective. Feel free to reach out to us to receive advice about the best approach for your specific product research.

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    Customer satisfaction

    How to increase your turnover through customer satisfaction?


    The more distinct your brand is, the more valuable it will become.

    Customer journey

    A customer journey is a customer's personal experience with your company.

    Product development

    Provide your product development and design team with end-user insights

    Market exploration

    Gain the insights you need to be successful in new and potential markets


    Pricing is and always has been the biggest profit driver. We help you setting the right prices for your product


    Better understand the unmet needs of you (potential) customers, identify growth opportunities and reach your target group in an effective way.

    Market size

    Quantify the potential returns of your investment by understanding the market size and setting realistic sales targets for new and potential markets

    Driver analysis

    Know which elements of the customer experience have the most impact on overall satisfaction, recommendation, and retention.



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    Market Research Case Studies and industry experience can bring background and thought to any research project.

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