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To make informed decisions, you need insights on your market. USP provides this by dedicated research for our clienst, but also with syndicated research. We do this by offer mulit-client research monitors in the markets of our focus. For these monitors we have researched architects (Architectural Barometer), contractors (Contractor Monitor), electrical installers and HVAC installers (Installation Monitor), Painters (Painter insight Monitor),  Handyman and consumers (European Home Improvement Monitor).

With these “on-the-shelve reports,” USP is the leading industry intelligence provider for anyone interested in the construction, installation or home improvement market. Our reports are designed to help our customers understanding the market and its developments. Each report is based on quantitative research among the target group.

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Learn about the research reports we have available in construction

European Architectural Barometer

Each quarter, USP’s prediction model forecasts future building volumes in eight European countries. Alongside forecasting volumes, we use architects’ insights to study key trends like BIM, prefab, changes in DMU, the changing role of architects, etc. Knowing where, how and when these trends become relevant is the key market intelligence necessary for sound strategic decision making.



Contractor Monitor


The main aims of this research are to give construction product manufacturers a good understanding of European contractors (who they are, what they do, how they behave) and the main trends in the construction market.





Painter Insight Monitor

The Painter Insight Monitor covers 8 key European markets, with 250 professional painters interviewed per year per country. This provides a comprehensive overview of the European paint market (interior paint, exterior wall paint, and coatings) and paint-related products (acrylic sealants, tapes, fillers, wood repair products, spray paints, brushes & rollers, etc.).



Handyman Insights Monitor

The Handyman Insights Monitor is a valuable resource for companies targeting handymen. Understanding the buying behaviour and preferences of handymen is crucial for success in the European construction market. As the role of handymen continues to grow in importance, companies that cater to their needs are likely to see significant benefits.

Bouw Monitor Nederland

The monthly Bouw Monitor provides an overview of the performance of 11 parties in the construction sector. We measure the turnover development, turnover expectations, measures taken, and the impact on business strategy. This research is conducted exclusively in the Netherlands.




Learn about the research reports we have available in installation

European Mechanical Installation Monitor

This monitor provides a very reliable picture of the condition of the HVAC installation market. Our clients use this monitor to keep track of the developments in the market and to improve their strategies. What is the best way to reach HVAC installers? Should you use push marketing or also pull marketing? And what do they think about the future of the HVAC installer?



European Electrical Installation Monitor

This research helps understand the electrical installer, vital for a good marketing strategy and internal discussions. The European Electrical Installation monitor provides insights on installers activities, how they orientate themselves, training needs they have, how digital they are, etc. The key trends in this market are monitored each quarter in seven European countries since 2016.



European Heat Pump Monitor

This research helps you understand the European heat pump market, based on insights from quantitative interviews with HVAC installers, electrical installers, and homeowners in 8 European countries. The report will provide key insights on the brands that are used the most, the percentage of installers installing heat pumps, the future installation capacity, types of heat pumps installed and much more for this important market segment.


Home improvement

Learn about the research reports we have available in home improvement

European Home Improvement Monitor

In this online study, we track the home improvement jobs that consumers do (or outsource to professionals) in and around their homes. We report insights on online orientation, purchase channels, brand preferences and DIY behaviour. The study is held in 11 European countries and is based on 26,400 interviews per year. Detailed category insights are available for more than 20 specific product categories.



The Garden Trends and Brands Monitor

The garden market is changing under the influence of factors such as e-commerce and evolving consumer preferences and demands regarding sustainability. Additionally, manufacturers are expanding their product lines, creating a high level of competition. Insights from a consumer perspective can help you grow in this highly competitive market.




Home Improvement Brand Health Check

Benchmarking your "Brand Health Index" against that of your competitors reveals areas of differentiation and areas that can be improved. This research shows which aspects of the brand funnel need to be strengthened, whether the brand position is well aligned with brand objectives, and identifies strengths and weaknesses to enhance brand investment.





USP Kitchen Monitor

Since 2013, USP has been monitoring the kitchen market in the Netherlands. The aim of the research is to provide retailers and manufacturers of kitchens and kitchen appliances with clear and comprehensive market data. With the active involvement of the kitchen industry, this consumer research evolves every year.

USP Sanitair Monitor

Gain insights into the size of the overall market and specific product categories, and thereby understand the opportunities for your organization. That is where the USP Sanitary Monitor assists.



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