European Home Improvement – COVID-19 Impact Report

Impact of COVID-19 on Home improvement markets in Europe

With the world changing daily, our ability to adjust and respond has never been of greater importance. We help our customer by delivering the insights that they need as we proceed together through the pandemic.

To date, we’ve explored how COVID-19 has impacted the home improvement behaviour of consumers. This is being done on a monthly base in 11 European countries, by asking:

  • Are consumers doing more home improvement jobs during the pandemic?
  • What type of jobs are they doing more often?
  • Do they feel comfortable visiting DIY stores?
  • Are they picking up more DIY skills during the stay at home phase?

Why order this report?

Consumer behaviour is currently changing rapidly. In order to adjust to their preferences and buying patterns, we think it is wise to examine your end-customer on a monthly base. By measuring monthly, you can respond to current events.

In this uncertain time, having reliable and up-to-date market information is a benefit. Our report is based on 400 consumer interviews per month per country.

With this report you know how the market (your end customers) is evolving. You can view a part of the report for free.  If you want to receive the next 4 editions (May, June, July and August), the total cost is €950.

Available reports

Reports are published quarterly covering various key trends and are available below:

April 2020

EHIM Q1 2020 - Coronavirus

May 2020

EHIM Q2 2020 - Coronavirus

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