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News I published 07 April 2021

Optimize your communication in the garden & landscape sector

Why segmentation research?

The start of such a process is often segmentation. It is possible to distinguish between different groups of gardeners with different interests and preferences by presenting different propositions. Segmentation has also been carried out in the Garden Trends & Brands Monitor. The respondents received 18 propositions with themes such as innovation, convenience, etc. Based on the different propositions, four different segments were found: Average Joe, variety innovator, Light Gardener and Relaxing Elder.

Average Joe

The average Joe is practically set. He doesn’t like being in the garden, but he knows it has to be done. In addition, sustainability is important to him, and this will also be found in his garden. It is best to approach Average Joe with a practical approach as a company. For a company that sells power tools, Average Joe needs to see their usefulness. So that he can maintain the garden as efficiently as possible. It is difficult to make new product lines stand out at Average Joe because he is not very interested in new products or brands. Our advice is to also emphasize the durability of a product at Average Joe. For companies that sell smart products, the Average Joe can also be a potential customer because these products do make life easier for the Average Joe. However, the awareness of the Average Joe is not yet very high. So smart product companies will first have to focus on that. As a relatively new company, we also focus first on the Average Joe. Together with the Relaxing Elder, this group attaches the least to brands.


The Variety Innovator is interested in innovation and smart products

The Variety Innovator likes to be in the garden to relax and not so much to work in. The Variety Innovator believes that the garden should be kept up-to-date by smart products or by a gardener. In addition, he considers sustainability very important. The Variety Innovator is an interesting target group for innovative and sustainable companies. They are open to new (sustainable) products, and they are therefore also very interested in smart products. The Variety Innovator is sensitive to A-brands because they think a branded product has better quality.


Ease of use and quantity are important for the Light Gardener

Although the Light Gardener likes to be in the garden, it has little time for this. That’s why he wants products that make his life easier, yet it’s striking that they’re not interested in smart products. That’s why this group is especially interesting for companies that sell power tools. Companies win over the Light Gardener when they focus on the convenience and quality of the product. The Light Gardener also thinks it is important to have a well-known brand. In addition, the Light Gardener also considers the ergonomics of a product important.


Comfort is important for the Relaxing Elder

The Relaxing Elder finds the garden especially a place to relax. To offer themselves as much comfort as possible in the garden, they have many different objects in the garden. That is why this group makes itself an easy target for multiple types of companies. The Relaxing Elder doesn’t have a pronounced interest in smart products, sustainability, or brands. To reach this target group, you will therefore have to respond to the ease of working in and making the garden comfortable. As mentioned earlier, this group is also the easiest to approach for new, unknown companies because they do not attach much importance to the brand.

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