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USP Marketing Consultancy is the leading global market research agency for the construction, installation and home improvement sectors. We provide tailor made market research and off-the shelve reports, both B2B & B2C, qualitative and quantitative.

We help leading brands worldwide in these markets to make better decisions, driven by insights.

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Tailored Research and Ready to use Insights

Step into USP's hub of market intelligence. Our custom research tackles your unique business challenges, while our ready-to-access reports unveil the latest industry trends. Dive into specific market dynamics or grasp the broader industry landscape with our curated insights, designed to guide you confidently in the market, aiding informed decisions and a distinguished market presence.

Market research

Dive deep into precise data crafted for your unique business goals and stand out from the competition.

Market reports

Obtain immediate entry to extensive market analyses, effortlessly keeping you ahead with ready-to-purchase insights.

What our clients say about us

Rina van Heck

Head of marketing and communication Netherlands at Reynears Aluminium

The project managers of USP understand our needs and helped us optimize what questions to ask to get the best results.

Zsolt Kovacs

CEE Market Research Analyst at Velux

We needed an agency that speaks the same language as our target groups and found this in USP.

Gordon Murray-Smith

Market Intelligence and Insight Manager at BMI

USP is a trusted supplier of BMI as they understand our business, are professionals, and are pleasant to communicate with.

Renato Di Rubbo

Head of global Marketing Piping systems at Geberit

We value USP for the highly competent consulting, the pragmatic and uncomplicated process, and the high quality of its inputs.

Gordana Faust

Market Intelligence Specialist, Rothenberger

The cooperation was perfect in every way, the project managers from USP have a lot of knowledge and are very reliable.

Sarah Hawke

Global Group Consumer Insights Manager at Stanley Black & Decker

We have worked with USP in the past and have had a great experience. They really know our business well.

Paul O’Dweyer

Global Consumer Market Development Manager at Bostik

Good working relationships between the project team, strong knowledge of the insights and findings from the fieldwork, presented and communicated very clearly in the report.

Mike Fees

Brand Manager EMEA at MTD

We highly value the quick response times, flexibility and overall market expertise.

Justyna Gudowska-Pohling

AC EMEA Customer Insights Manager at PPG

USP delivered the company good, useful business recommendations and insights, which have accelerated business growth.

Anne Marie O’Toole-Deviller

Head of Marketing West at Kingspan

The USP Architectural barometer research has been a great asset for us in this regard and a solid basis for conducting further in-depth research.

Armin Dipping

Senior Manager strategic and international Marketing at Gira

With the Electrical installation monitor reports we receive from USP we get an overview and first insights on behaviour, relevant topics and trends in the electrical installation industry.

Caroline Roque

EMEA Consumer and Market insights, Manager 3M Consumer Business Group

The USP team has very strong expertise in the construction and home improvement markets. We are using their detailed home improvement monitor reports very extensively.

Catrin Klein

Head of Customer & Market Insights at Hilti

The Contractor monitor reports that we receive from USP provide insights that are fact-based and highly relevant. The reports are easy to assimilate with our internal audience and set foundation for deeper discussions.

Dalia Gonciauskaite

Marketing Manager Architectural at Covestro

It’s great that the European painters insights monitor reports are focusing on key topics that are highly relevant for our business.

Daniel Angelovski

Group insights manager at Velux

The specialized insights in the Home Improvement Monitor are a great source of input for our industry analysis.

dr. Christian Heine

CEO, Rothenberger AG

The European Mechanical Installation Monitor gives us great insights and these insights support our strategic decisions.

Hardy Jaeschke

Senior Manager Market Research, Market Intelligence / Vaillant Group

The USP reports help us better understand different B2B target groups, better assess their business situations and enrich our range of knowledge enormously.

Jan Coerts

European Owens Corning

We use the European architectural barometer reports from USP to get architectural input on items relevant for the building and construction industry in Europe, helping us to set priorities in our innovation agenda.

Johan Gijsman

Group Director Marketing, Walraven Holding

We have been using the mechanical installation monitor issued by USP for many years for the planning of our strategic initiatives.

Mila Valjentova

Strategy & Market Intelligence Director & Saint-Gobain

The European contractor monitor reports we receive from USP are of a great interest in our company. The reports’ insight are completing our analysis and contribute to strategic decision making.

Miryam Salvador

Global Channel Director, Schneider Electric

Their specialized insights on construction and installation markets allow us to make go-to-market decisions based on factual data. Their customer-centric approach helps us put customer needs at the centre of our decisions.

Leo van der Blom

Insights Manager Prof EMEA at AkzoNobel

These reports not only help us track changes within our target groups, aiding in informed decision-making, but also serve as input and benchmarks for our ongoing research and decision making.

Marina Wall

Manager Customer Research & Insights at DAW SE

USP has extensive international construction industry experience, and their painters monitor provide valuable insights, supporting our marketers in their marketing strategies.

Anton Haller

Head of Precast Marketing at Allplan

USP’s architectural reports helps us understand the mood in the market which is really valuable. Also it helps us verify the key topics our customers are dealing with.

Joost Maarse

Global Lead Circular Economy at Grundfos

Delivered as promised and great regular communication towards us as a client.

Hendrikje Budenberg

Responsable Marketing & Communication BU Technical Insulation at Saint-Gobain Technical Insulation

With USP there is always a good personal contact and the research results were great.

Edwin Ebskamp

Manager Brand & Traffic at Deli Home

USP is a reliable research agency, always a pleasure to work with.

Federico Itri

Associate Commercial Excellence Manager EMEIA at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions

We have a really good cooperation with USP, always great to do research projects together.

Michelle Lange

Marketing director at Wavin North America

USP has a commitment to provide high-quality and useful results.

Olga Kolos

Electrician Program Director, Global at Schneider Electric

We work with USP regularly, they are flexible and provide us with good results.

Rolf Herzog

Marketing director at RUKO GmbH Präzisionswerkzeuge

It was great to work with USP, they deliver the results in time.

Cees Breukers

Marketing analyst at Van Wijnen

USP's involvement in research was great, the results were fantastic.

Céline Pineau

Consumer insight researcher at Hager

USP is professional, responsive, didactic, and voluntary. It was easy to exchange my thoughts with them.

Katrine Bruun Nielsen

Group insights manager at Velux

USP always works very structurally and professionally, and we always feel in good hands.

Suzanna Lammerts van Bueren

Director Business Development Northern Europe at Somfy

USP thinks along and were able to, besides delivering the insights, brainstorm about the business opportunities.


Custom-tailored research

Uncover tailored insights with our custom research, finely aligned to your business objectives. Navigate the competitive landscape with data-driven clarity, driving your strategic decisions forward.

Customer Satisfaction

Dive into customer feedback to refine both service and product excellence.


Shape a compelling brand identity to stand out in a competitive market.

Customer Journey

Trace customer interactions from the first touchpoint to the final purchase.

Product Development

Leverage market insights to fuel innovative product creation.

Market Exploration

Uncover new market vistas through meticulous analysis and foresight.


Strategize pricing to balance profitability with compelling value.


Delve into market segments to tailor your marketing strategies efficiently.

Market Size

Gauge the market expanse to set realistic targets and optimize resources.

Driver Analysis

Discover the pivotal factors driving customer satisfaction and business success.

Decision making in the construction industry

In the report, you will find the architects' perspective on their roles, identification of other important stakeholders in construction projects, and insights into how these roles are likely to evolve in the future.

Branding in home improvement

This report offers an extensive overview of the home improvement industry, with a focus on branding and the most popular brands within different categories. Within this report, you will gain insights into how customers perceive home improvement brands and what motivates them to buy certain products.

BIM & electrical installers

This report offers a comprehensive view of the status of BIM adaptation among electrical installers in Europe. Within the report, you will find information on the European countries where BIM is most and least used among installers, as well as details on the types of projects where BIM is predominantly employed and the revenue generated from BIM-related projects.

Our expertise

Three decades of specialising in the construction, installation and home improvement sectors have made us knowledge leader in these markets

Our expertise



Home Improvement

  1. Adhesives & sealant
  2. Building materials
  3. Civil & infrastructure
  4. Doors & windows
  5. Facade
  6. Flooring
  7. Insulation
  8. Paint & coatings
  9. Roofing
  10. Security
  11. Tools
  12. Trade
  13. Walls & ceilings
  1. Electrical installation
  2. Engineering
  3. HVAC installation
  4. Sewer & waste water
  1. Bathroom products
  2. Decorative sundries
  3. Floor covering
  4. Gardening products
  5. Hand tools
  6. Home paint
  7. Kitchen products
  8. Power tools

Dedicated research

Market reports

To make informed decisions, you need insights on your market. USP provides this by dedicated research for our clients, but also with syndicated research. We do this by offer mulit-client research monitors in the markets of our focus.


Home Improvement


Fresh Insights Await

Our latest reports

Delve into the newest findings across various market segments, crafted for a cutting-edge overview. Explore our latest reports, brimming with up-to-date data, trend analyses, and in-depth examinations, all tailored to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the current market dynamics.


Home Improvement



Trends in material usage Q1 2024

2024 102 pages

Explore the evolving trends in material usage among European architects in Q1 2024. Delve into the factors driving material preferences and the impact on construction aesthetics and sustainability.


Media orientation H2 2021

2024 161 pages

Explore the media engagement patterns of contractors to optimize your marketing strategies. Dive into a pool of insights that unveils how contractors interact with different media channels.


European Green Deal Q4 2021

2024 88 pages

Explore the impact and reception of the European Green Deal among architects. Understand how the initiative is influencing architectural practices and sustainability measures.


BIM Q4 2023

2024 246 pages

Key insights regarding the BIM usage and behaviour of European architects, and our latest future building volumes prognoses

Home Improvement

DIY versus DIFM Q4 2021

2024 113 pages

This report is a must-have if you’re in the home improvement industry. It provides a wealth of information on the behaviour of DIY and DIFM consumers, their motivations, and the factors that influence their purchasing decisions.

Home Improvement

DIY or DIFM Q4 2023

2024 70

Explore the prevailing trends between DIY and DIFM in Q4 2023. Understand consumer preferences and the factors influencing their choice between DIY and DIFM.

Home Improvement

Branding Q3 2023

2023 93 pages

This report offers an extensive overview of the home improvement industry, with a focus on branding and the most popular brands within different categories. Within this report, you will gain insights into how customers perceive home improvement brands and what motivates them to buy certain products.

Home Improvement

Purchase channels Q2 2023

2023 114 pages

The European Home Improvement Monitor offers valuable insights on purchase channels in the European home improvement industry, examining the evolving preferences and behaviors of consumers across traditional retail and emerging online platforms.


Sustainability Q1 2024

2024 81 pages

Delve into sustainability trends in the home improvement sector in Q1 2024. Discover consumer preferences and the shift towards eco-friendly home improvement solutions.


BIM Q1 2024

2024 84 pages

The European Mechanical Installation Monitor report provides a detailed analysis of the plumbing and HVAC industry. This report specifically focuses on BIM adaptation in the industry.


Sustainability Q1 2024

2024 99 pages

The European Electrical Installation Monitor report provides a detailed analysis of the sustainable solutions in the installation industry. This report specifically focuses on sustainability aspects in the industry.


Challenges toward sustainable future Q4 2021

2024 111 pages









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We are market research and consultancy firm specialised in the construction, home improvement, installation and real estate markets.

At USP, we are constantly conducting all kinds of studies all over the globe. We are dedicated to researching the construction, installation, and home improvement markets. We help clients make better decisions that are driven by insights, empowering them to grow.