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The corona crisis has impacted society in many ways, and it also affected the installation industry. One way in which the construction industry has been impacted might be less obvious, but the impact is very profound; the changes in orientation behaviour. How did the corona crisis impact the orientation behaviour of European electrical installers? And what is the consequence for your marketing communication strategy?

The answers will be provided in the new Q1 2021 report of the European Electrical Installation Monitor report on media orientation and the impact of corona. 

The full report covers need-to-know information on the orientation behaviour of installers and how corona has impacted this. Key elements covered in the report are:

1) Media sources used by installers;

2) Change in media usage over time (2017-2021);

3) Change in media usage due to COVID-19;

4) The impact of advertisements: Installers orientation behaviour & preferences

5) Country differences

6) Generational differences: Media orientation differences between older and younger installers

The full report is out now, and covers 7 European countries based on 815 successful interviews with electrical installers.

    The full report is now available for 4,000 Euros.

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