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Webinar with Dirk Hoogenboom on key trends in the construction industry


The recent webinar hosted by our esteemed consultant, Dirk Hoogenboom, proved to be a pivotal event for the construction community. In the engaging 30-minute session, Dirk shed light on the crucial trends that are shaping the current state and future direction of the construction industry.

Addressing the pressing issues of labour shortages and rising costs, Dirk emphasized the industry’s resilience in the face of challenges. Despite a minor setback this year, positive growth is anticipated in numerous European countries for the upcoming year, highlighting a sense of optimism within the sector.

Key highlights from the webinar included in-depth discussions on sustainability practices, the impact of digitalization through Building Information Modeling (BIM), emerging trends in material usage, and the increasing influence of prefabricated products in the construction landscape.

Professionals within the construction industry found the webinar particularly insightful, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the evolving dynamics and equipping them with valuable knowledge to navigate the industry’s changing terrain.

The webinar facilitates a collective understanding of the industry’s challenges and opportunities, setting the stage for informed decision-making and innovative approaches to construction practices.

If you want to watch the entire webinar with Dirk Hoogenboom, click on the link below.