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The use of social media by installers has exploded in recent years

As media usage changes, electrical installers are not immune to these shifts. Changes in the media behavior of installers can have significant implications for the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by installation product manufacturers. The results of the European Electrical Installation Monitor indicate a dramatic shift in the use of social media by installers.

Social media is gaining importance in the installation industry

Every two years, we measure the media usage of installers using an extensive list of different media sources, categorized into four categories: digital media, personal sources, traditional media, and social media. Digital and personal sources are used by almost all European installers for professional purposes. However, traditional media sources, such as printed brochures or trade magazines, are gradually losing ground.

At the same time, the importance of social media as a professional source of information has steadily increased as more installers have started using social media for professional purposes. In the past two years, this growth has accelerated. As shown in the graph, the percentage of installers using social media professionally is now almost equal to the declining percentage of traditional media users.

But there are regional differences

Spain and the United Kingdom have the highest percentage of installers using social media. Approximately 90% of installers in these countries use social media professionally. These are also the two countries where social media is now used more frequently than traditional media, which is used by about 80% of installers. In contrast, in France, only half of the installers use social media professionally, while the use of traditional media is at a similar level as in Spain and the UK.

It is clear that there are significant differences between countries. When looking at the seven countries we continuously track, the importance of social media for electrical installers, and thus for manufacturers targeting those installers, varies greatly. Nevertheless, in every country, we see a growing percentage of installers using social media for professional purposes.

A tailored omnichannel approach is the best way to reach installers

The growing use of social media by installers means that social media channels are becoming increasingly important for manufacturers of installation products to reach these installers. However, social media encompasses a wide range of platforms to choose from. At the European level, installers primarily use Facebook, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp. However, preferences vary significantly by country.

Furthermore, manufacturers must not forget that while social media is gaining popularity, personal and digital sources still dominate among installers in all countries. Although traditional media is used less, it still plays a role in the industry. Therefore, a comprehensive omnichannel approach that combines social media, personal sources, and digital resources is the best way to effectively reach installers.

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