Consumers in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom enjoy doing DIY-jobs the least. The shift from Do-It-Yourself (DIY) to Do-It-For-Me (DIFM) is a trend that was expected, due to the foreseen influence of the ageing population of Europe. Although the older generations have more DIY experience, age is influencing their ability to do jobs themselves, which leads to more outsourcing. Meanwhile, the younger generation is less experienced and consequently leans more towards DIFM. They rather spend their time on other activities, even though they have less income to spend on outsourcing DIY jobs. More DIFM means more professionals involved, which creates issues for DIY stores. That is why DIY stores try to attract professionals as customers, or offer installation services to consumers. The importance of this trend for the entire home improvement market made us select “DIY versus DIFM” as the main theme of the European Home Improvement Monitor Q4 2018. The results, based on 6,282 online interviews with consumers in eleven European countries, indeed show evidence of this trend.