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Stagnation of Smart Product Installation Involvement Among Installers

The demand for smart building products is ever increasing, and not just because they allow more control or comfort. These smart solutions can provide a more efficient use of energy, thereby saving energy and money. In times of high energy prices and a general focus on sustainability, these products can turn from luxury to necessity. The increasing demand is therefore no surprise.  

What is surprising, is that the percentage of HVAC installation companies that also install smart home products is stagnating, at least on average. That is apparent in recent results of USP Marketing Consultancy’s European Mechanical Installation Monitor, a continual research among installers from six European countries. How can there be a stagnation of involvement in smart product installation, while installers see demand for smart HVAC installations rise?      

Demand for Smart Building Products Continues to Rise

Demand for smart building products has always developed more as a slow evolution than a fast revolution. Over the past years we have seen installation companies’ involvement in installing smart products develop in a similar way. The share of installation companies that also install smart building products has grown slowly but steadily on average.

However, our latest results show that average growth has stagnated when looking at all six countries together. The UK and Germany still show significant growth, but development in the rest is marginal and there is even a decrease in Poland. At the same time, based on the same research, there is a nett increase in demand for smart building products in most countries. So how can it be that the share of installers installing them is not growing accordingly? 

Lack of Affinity and Investment in Training Hinders Smart Product Installation Among Installers in High Demand Installation Sector

Somewhere between 50% and 60% of the installation companies are actively involved in installing smart products. That is more or less the same as the share of installation companies that consider this development of smart products to be positive. The installers that are more neutral or even negative towards smart product installation seemingly do not bother to install them.  

It is important to understand that starting with the installation of smart products may need quite an investment in training due to the complexity of these systems and technologies. Also, the initial installations may cause many problems and take more time due to lack of experience. This investment in time and hassle is not worth it, as time is in short supply already. 

Time is in short supply because the installation sector as a whole is dealing with high demand. The HVAC installation sector is specifically busy due to the energy transition on the one hand and labour shortages on the other hand. So there is plenty of demand for installation work that does not involve smart products. So for installers who have no affinity with smart products, there is no need to go through the hassle of starting with them. 

Installers Engaged in Smart Home Product Installation Are Increasing the Frequency of Their Work

While the share of installers involved in smart product installation remains the same on average, there is more smart product installation work to be done due to rising demand. As a result, we see that installers who are involved in smart product installation are doing that more and more often. For companies that were only occasionally involved in smart home product installation, those jobs are becoming more common. 

In the coming years, it is likely that this development will continue. We expect that the share of companies involved will remain more or less the same, but the share of their projects that involve smart product installation will grow. For the full details of smart product installation activities among installation companies of different sizes in six European countries, we refer you to USP Marketing Consultancy’s European Mechanical Installation Monitor. 

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