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USP has over 25 years of experience in researching bathroom products. In that time, we have acquired considerable practical experience in the bathroom products industry. This includes understanding the value chains that underpin these markets.

This means that we do not need to be briefed on the basics of your market. Instead, we can start to focus on your business challenge straight away. Below, we outline some examples of the types of clients we have worked for within the bathroom products industry and the types of engagements we have been privileged to assist with.

Clients we have worked for:

We help our clients with various types of researches

    Customer satisfaction

    Would you like to increase your turnover by improving customer satisfaction in the construction, installation and home improvement sector? USP conducts customer satisfaction research in these markets to help you succeed. Enhanced customer experience and customer satisfaction is a key factor that helps a brand stand out and grow its market share


    The more distinct your brand is, the more valuable it will become. Being distinct is not that easy when playing in the field of construction, installation and home improvement, however. Professionals tend to stick with their favourite brands. Our branding studies all come down to one common goal: increasing long-term profitability by introducing, maintaining or growing your brand in a wildly competitive landscape.

    Customer journey

    Een customer journey (klantreis) is de persoonlijke ervaring van een klant met uw bedrijf. Hoe reageren uw klanten op uw producten, diensten of concept? Het evalueren van een klantreis stelt u in staat om de sterke en zwakke punten van uw bedrijf te verbeteren, waardoor het behoud en de omzet van klanten worden verbeterd. USP kan u helpen uw aanbod af te stemmen op de behoeften en wensen van uw klanten.


    Gebruik segmentatieonderzoek om uw klanten te categoriseren in verschillende groepen die van elkaar verschillen in termen van relevante aspecten voor uw product, dienst of concept. Wij helpen niet alleen bij het bepalen van deze klantgroepen, maar ook door deze informatie te vertalen naar de aangeboden diensten en dienstverlening, en uit te leggen wat dit alles betekent voor uw medewerkers.

    Market exploration

    Perhaps you plan to enter a new market with your product or service. In that case, you need to understand exactly what is going on in that market. What are the trends and developments in that market, and who are the most important players?We use a range of methods to identify the market characteristics, such as market size, segmentation, distribution hubs, key media, market developments and sector culture.

    Product development

    Are your product and service portfolios still competitive within the market? Keeping up with continuous developments like digitalisation or sustainability are extremely important. Product research is vital in the entire product life cycle.

    Monitor research

    Learn about the standard monitor research reports we have available on bathroom products.

      European Home Improvement Monitor

      In this online study, we track the home improvement jobs that consumers do (or outsource to professionals) in and around their homes. We report insights on online orientation, purchase channels, brand preferences and DIY behaviour. The study is held in 11 European countries and is based on 26,400 interviews per year. Detailed category insights are available for more than 20 specific product categories.

      European Mechanical Installation Monitor

      This monitor provides a very reliable picture of the condition of the HVAC installation market. Our clients use this monitor to keep track of the developments in the market and to improve their strategies. What is the best way to reach HVAC installers? Should you use push marketing or also pull marketing? And what do they think about the future of the HVAC installer?

      Contractor Monitor

      The main aims of this research are to give construction product manufacturers a good understanding of European contractors (who they are, what they do, how they behave) and the main trends in the construction market.


      Learn about insights we have available on subjects related to bathroom products.

        Download a sample report

        Sample Report

        European Home Improvement Monitor

        European consumers have been ordering more home improvement products online during the corona crisis than before. That is a well-known fact. But what about their online buying behaviour after corona? Will it continue to increase, or will it fall back to normal levels?

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          Customer satisfaction

          How to increase your turnover through customer satisfaction?


          The more distinct your brand is, the more valuable it will become.

          Customer journey

          A customer journey is a customer's personal experience with your company.

          Product development

          Provide your product development and design team with end-user insights

          Market exploration

          Gain the insights you need to be successful in new and potential markets


          Pricing is and always has been the biggest profit driver. We help you setting the right prices for your product


          Better understand the unmet needs of you (potential) customers, identify growth opportunities and reach your target group in an effective way.

          Market size

          Quantify the potential returns of your investment by understanding the market size and setting realistic sales targets for new and potential markets

          Driver analysis

          Know which elements of the customer experience have the most impact on overall satisfaction, recommendation, and retention.



          ​Read our articles based on the insights from our Market Reports. 

          Case Studies

          Market Research Case Studies and industry experience can bring background and thought to any research project.

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