Average price of the kitchen is increasing

The Dutch kitchen market has experienced a steady growth in the past years, and 2019 is no exception. One of the reasons for this growth is the increasing price of the kitchens that are being bought. The average price of the kitchens bought in 2019 was €10.340, an increase of 3,8% compared to 2018. An important reason for the increasing price is that consumers tend to buy a more expensive kitchen, as we see a shift in the share of consumers that buy a kitchen priced over €12,500. This is in line with a general consumer trend where the consumer likes to spend a little extra on more luxurious products.

Kitchen buyers choose the same brand of equipment

Partly because of the consumer trend to spend more on luxurious products, more than half of consumers who bought a kitchen in 2019 have chosen to buy all the equipment of the same brand. The main reason for this choice are the aesthetic benefits that this offers. Kitchen buyers are increasingly opting for both an oven and a (combi) microwave that are placed one above the other in the kitchen. This development makes the aesthetics of the equipment increasingly important and the price seems to become less important. However, after aesthetics, a good promotion or offer when purchasing all the equipment of one brand is also very important. Viking even offers a couple of deals to incentivize people to purchase multiple appliances from them. LG is another company that encourages people to spend with them for deep discounts.

AEG and Siemens offer full product line

The fact that many kitchen buyers buy the equipment of one brand when purchasing a kitchen is perhaps not news for many manufacturers. However, there are two manufacturers that distinguish themselves in this. These are AEG and Siemens, which are the most sold brands for all types of equipment. They owe this to their wide range, where they offer the same design line in the products they sell.


Due to increasingly luxurious kitchens that are being bought, it is expected that an increasing share of kitchen buyers will purchase their appliances from one brand in the near future. That’s even truer now with unique finishes like matte black and black stainless steel. Black appliances are popular with homeowners that like a traditional style in their kitchens. When choosing black appliances from different manufacturers, you will want to ensure that the sheen is the same as some can be more matte than others. Of course, this has implications for the manufacturers of the appliances, especially for the ones that do not offer products in all categories. 

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