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The fact that most painters are not keen to change the way they work does not necessarily mean that most painters are also unwilling to change the products they work with. In our last article, we showed that a majority of European painters are actually interested in novelties like healthier and more sustainable paint products, even though most of them are not interested in changing or innovating the way they work.

That means that a dualistic segmentation of painters is unrealistic, which is why we divided them into four segments in USP Consultancy’s 2021 Painter Insight Monitor: innovative painters, conscious painters, hassle-free painters and conservative painters. Each of these segments represents a substantial part of the European painter population, and in each segment, painters share certain mentalities and preferences. 

Innovative and conscious painters care a lot about the environment and their personal health, and hassle-free painters also care quite a bit, whilst conservative painters do not seem to care much about that at all. Still, that means that roughly three-quarters of the painter population could be interested if you happen to offer more sustainable paint products. The question is how to reach those potential customers.

Online channels may not bear the fruits you expect

Should you offer more sustainable and healthier products, three of the four segments of painters could be interested. If you mainly focus on online marketing to reach those painters, however, a lot of them may not notice you at all. The above visualisation shows that the conscious painters, who care about the environment and health, are not online-minded at all. So if you follow a mainly online-based marketing strategy, chances are you will only reach a fraction of the potentially interested painters. Again, this shows that the European painter population is too complex for a simple dualistic segmentation.

Solid segmentation for solid business strategies

To say it bluntly, the features of your product, no matter how innovative or sustainable they may be, are no indicator of what success that product can have in the market. What matters is that you know your painter, that you truly understand what the painter who you direct your product at wants. The above shows that there is no such thing as the painter and that detailed segmentation of painters is necessary to warrant the success of marketing and sales strategies.

In the Painter Insight Monitor, we offer precisely such a segmentation. The above is a valid but slightly crude visualisation of our results from research conducted among 2.250 painters from 10 European countries. For a detailed segmentation of not only the entire European painter population but also the differences per country, we refer you to USP Consultancy’s 2021 Painter Insight Monitor

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