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Do not underestimate the power of the purchase point to reach painters

Digital media are becoming more important to reach European painters. In a previous article, we saw that younger painters use online sources of information much more often than older generations. As time progresses, this younger generation will take over and will be more easily reached through online channels. That will make those online channels more effective for manufacturers of paint-related products to advertise their brands. 

When asking European painters their main sources of professional information, online sources are actually already at the top of the list. That is apparent in recent results of Painter Insight Monitor, a continual research among painters from 11 European countries. Does this mean that online channels are already the most effective channels to reach painters?  

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“Not at all,” says Zeynep Kutsal, consultant at USP Marketing Consultancy and manager of the Painter Insight Monitor. “Despite the rise of the online channel, the purchase point is still the most important source of product-related information among painters and will remain so for a long time.” We asked her to clarify this claim which seems rather bold in the face of the above-mentioned results. 

Despite the rise of the online channel, the purchase point is still the most important source of product-related information among painters and will remain so for a long time.

“Painters are still relatively traditional in their media usage” 

First of all, the share of painters mentioning online sources as their primary source of information may be the largest of all channels, but it is still quite low compared to other professionals in the construction. “Looking at contractors or installers, for instance, we see that the shares mentioning online sources as main sources of information are much higher than the 30% of painters.”  

“Of the top five main information sources mentioned by painters,” Zeynep continues, “only one is an online source. And here that represents all websites and search engines that painters use. Contractors and installers have many more online sources in their top five. So in that sense, painters are still relatively traditional in their media usage.” 

“The purchase point is a more important source of information for painters” 

Number two and three of the top five main sources of information for painters relate to the point of purchase. The staff and available information material at the purchase point were named as the main sources of information by around 20% of the painters. As Zeynep explains: “when we take them together and look at purchase channels as a whole, the purchase point is a more important source of information for painters.”  

So based on the current usage of information channels, manufacturers may want to focus on the purchase point, instead of dedicating more marketing budget to promote their brands online. But we know that online channels are used more by younger painters, who will take over from their older colleagues in due time. So how future-proof is investing in marketing through purchase points?   

“Using online channels more does not mean using offline channels less” 

“The younger generation of painters more often use online sources than the older generation, that is true. But when we look at using the purchase point as a source of information, there is no difference between generations. So, using online channels more does not mean using offline channels less,” Zeynep answers.  

It is clear that the point of purchase should not be underestimated as a channel to reach painters now or in the future. The most efficient way to use this channel will vary though. As Zeynep concludes: “The best means and materials for marketing through purchase points will depend on the type of product and on the type of purchase channel used to buy it.” That is why the next Painter Insight Monitor Report will focus on painters’ purchasing behaviour and usage of purchase channels per product group.   

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