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Sustainability and Circularity

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Ask painters whether they are eager to innovate their way of working, and the majority will say no. Most painters like the way they work just fine, making them rather conservative. They are opposed by a small minority who are very eager to innovate. Those innovators will most probably be open to novelties like sustainability and sustainable products, and the conservatives not so much, right? The danger of such a dualistic basis of segmentation of painters is overgeneralisation of one or both sides, creating a blind spot resulting in missed opportunities and turnover. To prevent this, we have to realise there are more than just two types of painters, as has become apparent in USP Marketing Consultancy’s 2021 Painter Insight Monitor which focused on segmentation. We interviewed 2250 painters from ten European countries on topics like innovation, efficiency, digital behaviour and sustainability, as well as on their demographics and firmographics, resulting in a more realistic segmentation of the European painters.


Whether to save the planet or to save money, consumers of this day and age are ever more conscious and caring about sustainability, and the European home improvement market is no exception. Brands and retailers have been answering the call by offering an increasing array of sustainable solutions, and are constantly communicating such efforts because the sustainability image is good marketing. But is sustainability important enough to sway consumers’ decisions, for instance when deciding where to buy the supplies they need for their next DIY job? To find out, we focused the Q1 2021 report of the European Home Improvement Monitor (the report will be available shortly) on sustainability, and asked 6,600 European consumers from 11 countries how important they find sustainability aspects when deciding on DIY products, brands and retailers.

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